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Default Congratulations, Russell!

Geez. Isn't it just downright exciting? My cup runneth over with a fortunate and great (in my opinion, anyway) digicam collection. I have the Oly C2100, E-100rs, D-40 (to name a few) and now the F707, which is wonderful.

Congratulations on your new acquisition! We are both very lucky to have this wonderful little camera, and frankly, I don't give a damn right now what the F707's successor is or will be. I have more cameras now than my very limited talent even deserves.

Thanks to Steve (the 'boss' of this site) for all his superb reviews. I could NEVER have done it without him. His reviews and other various information is the best. They are well-written, never boring, ALWAYS intelligently informative, and of course his POTDs are entertaining every, single, time.

Please do let me know when you post some pics. You can check out my photos at http://www.pbase.com/willa if you really get bored, LOL.

Best regards,

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I live in Sweden and the 707 is a pretty costful toy here. 1300$ is the price for it here. What is Sears? And do you know if the ship outside US?
625$ is a very nice price!

Hopefully moving from my s85 to 707 soon!

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Default F707 Flash

It scared me at first as it crashed open but there is an answer. Place your left thumb lightly on the flash hood, half press the shutter. This will release the shutter lock. Lift it gently, then take your picture.
Easy Peasy

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Default Hey, Graham...

Well, yes, I finally figured out (duh) a similar solution to the flash popping up like that, but my left thumb? You must have HUGE hands! My thumb doesn't reach up far enough (maybe I have short thumbs? LOL). I have to hold it down with my other fingers, wrapping them around the flash hood from the left.

You know, I still love my Olys (UZI, EZI), but that F-707 is SO excellent. I love it.

Thanks for reading and responding to my post!

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