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gekoenig Feb 12, 2004 8:57 AM

I'm a little concerned about the 828's lens!
Well, having thus far "cured" all those monsterous "problems" of the 828, you know, the ones that occur when you crank the ISO up to 800, rack the telephoto all the way out, and point the camera at the sun and such, I now discover a serious anomaly with the Zeiss lens!! Having shot some closeups of frozen flowers, I loaded them into photoshop and there the problem was! Snow flakes! Yes, I had not seen them until I was able to enlarge the file. Damned snow flakes! I mean these were so sharp and detailed that I was totally put off. The Zeiss lens is too darned sharp!! I am returning the 828 immediately...unless I can find a filter to soften up this lens! I hope Sony has a fix for this!!! :shock:

Rod Bruckdorfer Feb 12, 2004 12:05 PM

Similar Problem with F717 Carl Zeiss Lens
I recently captured an image of a moon rise over Baltimore's Inner Harbor. When I enlarge the image to full size, I could read the Safeway sign which was over 1/2 mile away. The Carl Zeiss lens on the Sony F717 must be too sharp to fool any photon's entering it. I had a similar problem with a B&W image. The image captured by the Carl Zeiss lens was so sharp, it has forced me to decide to sell my 4X5 view camera :D .

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gekoenig Feb 12, 2004 1:08 PM

Re: Similar Problem with F717 Carl Zeiss Lens
The image captured by the Carl Zeiss lens was so sharp, it has forced me to decide to sell my 4X5 view camera :D .

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Yes Rod, I too loved hauling a Toyo 4x5, 20 film holders, 4 lenses, meter, loupe, filters, etc. etc. around in the wild. But I needed to get THE shot. Trouble was I spent so much time setting it all up and waiting for the light, that the shot was long gone before I was ready. Now "its too easy" they say. "Any shmuck can take good photos"...but wait; its about that isn't it? Digital (Sony) has leveled the playing field somewhat and it may be making people nervous. .

Rod Bruckdorfer Feb 12, 2004 11:16 PM

4x5 view camera
My view camera is a little older than yours. I have a 60 year old Crown view camera with a Turner Reich triple convertible lens and a Wallensack (sp) shutter and 20" bellows - all original. Hauling the camera, tripod, loup, 6 film holders was almost as good a workout as going to the gym. Setup took forever. I looked at full size image I titled Sugar & Steel at my website. After seeing the detail and tonal range, I knew it was time to sell the 4x5. If I am every good enough, I will purchase either a digital medium format camera or a pro-level DSLR.

Right now, the prosumer F717 meets my needs. Perhaps in 2 years I will consider the Sony F 828 or F XYX. Electronic technology double every 18 months and price decreases by 1/2. In two year who knows where we will be with digital camera.

Regardless, the camera only captures the image, the photographer makes the image.

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Ardent Feb 23, 2004 5:26 PM

:D To right gentlemen......
No more hernea's or back breaking climbs with a back-pack full of odds-and-sods.
No more trying to attempt a guiness world record at setting up the camera only to find the subject has simply...... vanished....

The digital sense is here and it's sound..
All I need is either my pro-sumer Sony F828 or my Nikon DSLR.

Whats even more suprising is, sometimes the DSLR now gets left at camp whilst the sony takes the daily blows.

Darrell1 Feb 24, 2004 8:12 AM

Too sharp?
Gekoenig: Lens too sharp? Just rub a little Vaseline on the front of the lens. That will knock the edge off.... :D

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