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Whoops...my earlier comments/reasons about getting the F717 over the 5700 were stated too soon...

I took the F717 back 2 weeks after i bought it and traded it for the 5700. Why? the colors the Sony F717 produces are too vivid...reds and greens are especially bright, the 5700 has better 'natural' capture quality. Haven't tried many night shots yet but, manual settings would solve it for the most part.
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TO tm3:

The 7hi wasn't simply on the market when I bought my CP5700.

For overall use I think the 7hi has some advantages to the CP5700. The manual focus and zoom IS indeed a very handy thing to have, like the MUCH better abilities to shoot in dim (yes from dim to dark) light. The CP5700 simply is irritating on this issue.

However some of us has spend LOT of time discussing which camera to buy. The waves went high from time to time, but in the end we agree that the ultimate digicam isn't available at this time and prob. never will be. But for me...the CP5700 was the best at the time I bought it - the 7i for someone else. Now however, I think the Minolta guys has developed their 7-series to become the best at this time for overall use.

All this said - I'm one of many CP5700 owners who are waiting for the next (first) firmware upgrade. If the Nikon guys - this time - will listen to us users the firmware will put the CP5700 in front again.

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Well said! Now if the Minolta guys can give us the Nikon's BSS and the 3:2 aspect ratio in their next firmware upgrade in return that would be something... :lol: :lol: :lol:

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