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I just bought my 717 from Circuit City, and had a great experience. I chose Circuit City because I know thier return policies are par excellance. Best Buy on the other hand is absolutey horrible. Lucky for me I had allreay experienced Best buy at thier worst more than once. I originaly purchased the Sony V1, but becasue my eyesight isn't what it used to be, I traded up for the 717. I also found the camera for $80 less at Comp USA, and took advantage of Cicuit Citys 110 percent price gauruntee. Not only did they let me exchenge the camera, but they also honored an in store price that was only advertised on Comp USA's web site, not a print add. A 15 day return policie just adds to Best Buys failure at customer service. I would never buy anything over $100 from them. If you see something less expensive at Best Buy, just go to Comp Usa or Circuit City and get a price match, very simple. I think the purchaser is really mad at himself for being taken in by Best Buy's terrible policies as we all know the 717 is one of the very best cameras available, and the LCD going bad is probably one in 500, and he just happened to get a bad one. I have worked at major dept stores, and I will tel you how to get your way. You need to be very loud and pushy, these stores do not want you badmouthing them in front of other customers, so if you are in the right, as this gentleman is, act like a complete loon, and you may get your way. The Sony 717 is the best camera available in it's price range, and actualy beats out most if not all cameras costing $500 more. Don't let this problem sway you from this fine camera, you will be disapointed in the long run as nothing can match it under $1500. Best of luck, and Call Sony, tell them to send it back so you can atempt a return at Best Buy. If you do not have any luck, simply go back when another manager is on. Take care, Hope it all works out for the best.
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I am in the UK and returned my new 717 with the focus fault. It was collected, rectified and returned within 7 days no charge. Excellent service. NOW BE WARNED. When you buy a new digi camera (any make) there are varying prices for online stores. Many of the cheapest are grey goods I.E. non UK or USA models but imported with no warranty for that country. Check that you are getting the full model. You may get a nasty shock and the online store won`t want to know. Always try to get a good deal from an intown store that you can visit if necessary. :shock:
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