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DarkDTSHD Jun 11, 2006 12:42 AM

Hello guys,

Just got my H5 during the last week of May. Ordered mine from Ordered on a Monday, shipped on the Tuesday and received Thursday morning. FAST!! :)

Shot only 25 odd shots thus far. Saving the pictures onto the internal memory. Haven't gotten around to picking up a MS Pro Duo card. Will most likel pickup a 2GB card if not the 4GB. Maybe the 1GB if I'm in "cheap mode".

Picture quality has been surprisingly good. Nice vibrant colors (not overly saturated...will try the "vivid" mode later). Good contrast. Sharp. And good detail considering these are mostly 2MP pics (1 shot at 5MP). Have not printed them out yet.Most of the pics are not keepers. Just test shots. And the shots I do want to keep I don't plan to make large prints. At most 4x6...

Yesterday, while shooting it suddenly shut off. Twice. So I turned it back on. Shot another picture. Turned it off. A few hours later Itried to take another shot. It shut off. Wouldn't power back on. Tried 5x. After I put in the supplied fully charged Sony NiMH (2500 mAh) it powered on without issue.

So I e-mailed Sony Canada online support. And they got back to me almost immediately.

Apparently Sony will not take resonsiblity for any damage or problems you get if you use 3rd party branded batteries (and or accessories). If you could void the waranty. Blah, blah, blah.... So very SONY. :mad:If it wasn't for the great test reports of for the H1 and the 1 I read for the H5 I might have gone with maybe a Canon S3 IS. I wanted a camera with 12x optical zoom. RAW support would have been nice. But I guess you can't have it all.

I was using Panasonic's new Oxyride AA's. I'm guessing they are technically considered "oxide nickel". And as it said in the "troubleshooting" section of the manual (p.110). The readout might say it's only half empty yet might still turn off. In other words you won't get an accurate reading if you use Alkaline or Oxide Nickel AA's. Though, I suppose we shouldonly use them inemergencies any how (e.g. when travelling, you suddenly need a pair of AA's, you don't haveextra pair of charged Sony NiMH's at hand...etc.).

I'll stick with Sony branded 2500 mAh NiMH AA's for now. But, my question to you is...shouldn't we also be able to use third party branded AA's if they are rated for 2500 mAh without "damaging" our cameras as Sony claims?? I would assume so. I think Sony is just trying tohordany buisness they can. Forcing us to pay traditionally high Sony prices.

I mean I can get a pack of 6 "Ultra brand" 2500 mAh AA's for $16.99 CAD v. $17.99 for a pack of 4 Sony's. And being that the H5 only needs 2 AA's at a time the Ultra brand deal sounds more sweet.

And now that I have the right kind of batteries inside it should stay powered for almost all of the rated 340 shots. Will keep you guys posted. Better not suddenly power off during this time.

Since putting in the Sony's I've only turned it on to upload my 20 odd pics to my PC. No issues. As I would expect. I pray the shut off problems were just due to my using the Panasonic Oxyride batteries. Not sure if it had shut off once before when I began shooting (meaning after only 4-5 shots). Don't recall.

Has any one else used Panasonic Oxyrides in their H5?

Besides the sudden shut off...I'm very happy with the H5! :)

DSC-H5 (and H2, H1) owners...feel free to share your experiences thus far!!

subeluvr Jun 11, 2006 10:38 AM

My H1 works nicely with the Sony NiMH or Enegizer NiMH or Panasonic NiMH and even Duracell Akaline batteries in a pinch.

DarkDTSHD Jun 11, 2006 10:44 AM

No premature shutdowns? And I'm assuming you were using NiMH batteries only rated at 2500 mAh?

How did the Duracell Alkalines workout? How long did it last before your H1 began shutting down?


hull Jun 11, 2006 11:22 AM

DarkDTSHD wrote:

No premature shutdowns? And I'm assuming you were using NiMH batteries only rated at 2500 nAh?

How did the Duracell Alkalines workout? How long did it last before your H1 began shutting down?


Hello man, would be nice if you could post some shots of yours with the new sony h5, to see quality and all that. :|

subeluvr Jun 11, 2006 4:03 PM

No premature shutdowns. NiMH batteries are 1600mAh, 2100mAh, 2200mAh, 2300mAh, and 2500mAh. Brands are Sony, Panasonic, Energizer, and Tokina. They all work OK.

Never used the alkalines for very long ... maybe 25 shots.

DarkDTSHD Jun 11, 2006 9:50 PM

That's reassuring to know. And you've been using those NiMH batteries atthe saidratings for how long? And I'm assuming your H1 has been working fine. No damage or quirks caused by using those brands at different mAh capacities? I mean I wouldn't think using batteries not recommended could do anytihng but give you less shooting time and maybe an inaccurate power avalable reading? As I said...according to the Sony manual only Alkalines and Oxide Nickel batteries will give us inaccurate readings.I'm assuming the readings you get are accurate when using the NiMH batteries you have?

Have you (or any one else) tried the "Ultra" brand? They are available at And are rated at 2500 nAh.

Hopefully, using the Sony 2500 mAh batteries supplied with my H5 will last to it's rated 340 shots before shutting down. Or close to rather. With no premature shutdowns.

As for some sample pics...I'd love to oblidge but I don't know how to add them to my post. The traditional "copy/paste" technique doesn't work for some odd reason. So if some one could tell me what to do...

Tullio Jun 12, 2006 2:30 AM

I have the H1 and it works with anything, even Kirkland batteries fromCostco. LONG LIVE THE H1!!!

have you ever tried to call your ISP to complain about that Internet connection speed that was supposed to be over 1 Mbs but it's actually 250kbs? The first questionthey ask is..."do you have a router?". If you answer yes, that's the source of the problem and there's nothing they can do.Sony plays the same game. At the moment you admit you used batteries other than Sony,you shot yourself on the foot. It should not matter what battery brand or what capacity battery you use. If it's AA, it should work, period. I think you should escalate the issue and try to get Sony to exchange your camera.

DarkDTSHD Jun 12, 2006 11:11 AM

Yah riiiight!! I like pain. Exchanging my camera. I have nothing better to do. Why I outta!! :lol:

Well, now there's been two happy H1 owners using third party batteries without issue. I guess there's really nothing for me to worry about unless my H5 prematurely shutsdown. Which it shouldn't. I don't think it did that when I was using the Panasonic Oxyrides. I believe I didn't get the shutdowns till the end when the batteries were drained. Just caught me by surprise as this is my first digital camera. Didn't expect that is what happens when the batteries drain. Especially, if the reading says "half full". I suppose using NiMH batteries will be different? Do you get accurate readings using different mAh rated/brand NiMH batteries?

Were the Kirkland batteries NiMH or Alkalines? Curious.

And you're right. I guess I did "shot myself in the foot" when i told Sony I didn't use Sony branded batteries. Can you say "anal retentive company"? :) Trying to "scare" customers into using only Sony batteries to avoid voiding the waranty. As if using 3rd party batteries might "...cause damage...blah, blah....". Sheeeesh....

The moronic Sony online e-mail rep even went so far as to suggest that I only use the type of Sony batteries (blue/organge label) that came in the box over the other Sony 2500 mAh rated batteries (silver/orange label). The blue/orange label batteries are only sold as a 2-pack. The silver/orange are sold as 4-packs. Cheaper to buy the 4-pack then to buy 2 blue/orange label 2-packs. When will they hire people that can think for themselves? Almost felt like I was in BestBuy asking a question when I should know better. :lol:

Maybe this is one of the main reasons why Sony is such a strong company in the Electronics industry? :)

Love to hear from some H2 or H5 owners! Please chime in!

Tullio Jun 12, 2006 11:55 AM

The Kirkland (Costco brand) batteries are ordinary alkaline.

If the battery icon shows half full, the camera should not shut down, period. The type of battery being used should be irrelevant, unless, the camera's battery indicator is not accurate.

Looking at the H1 manual (page 98), it states the battery types that should NOT be used with the H1: Alkaline, Manganese, Lithium andNi-Cd. If one of these batteries is used, Sony will not guarantee full performance of the camera. Going back to the battery icon issue I raised above, if one of these batteries is used, perhaps the camera does not know how to determine the battery power, in which case, it may shutdown when it runs out of power even though the icon indicates battery 1/2 full. In other words, the icon does not accurately represents the actual amount of battery charge.

Hope this helps.

DarkDTSHD Jun 12, 2006 3:57 PM

Hey Tullio,

Well, as your manual said...if you use certain types of batteries you might see the half-full indicator when it has actually drained and shutdown. Which is similar to what was said in my manual for the H5. Except it mentioned the two types of batteries that might give my H5 (and probably the H2...same manual for both if I'm not mistaken) that kind of result. And that is with either Alkaline or Oxide Nickel. The Panasonic "Oxyrides" I take it are Oxide Nickel. Which would explain why I got the half-full indicator when it began shutting down (as the batteries were drained).

The more we all talk and I think about it the more I'm let to believe that damage would not occur if we were to use non-Sony branded non-NiMH batteries. I mean common sense should tell you that idea is preposterous. We'd just periodically get the half-full indicator/shutdown at most.

As for getting the half-full icon when using NiMH Sony batteries (and other brands) and shutting down...I'll have to get back to you guys on this. And being that you and another person said that there has been no premature shutdowns with the NiMH batteries used...I theoretically should be fine with the Sony's that came with my H5 (and other brands of NiMH batteries rated @ 2500 mAh or less)...and hopefully with an accurate reading.

Still waiting for some one to tell me how accurate the readings are when using NiMH batteries. 2500 mAh rated or less. :-)

Thanks for your post!

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