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It's tough catching the action down here in southern Georgia so that I can find something to post in this forum (Sports and Action), since I never go to any Sports. ;-)

Hmmm... This one is sort of an action shot (although my shutter speed was a bit slow). :blah: This dog having fun in the water is about all the action I've seen lately. lol

From this afternoon on the Ogeechee River near Guyton, Georgia

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :-)


I may actually get to a basketball game next weekend (kids playing in an indoor gym). So, I'll bring a couple of bright primes along and post some of the photos afterwards. I haven't seen a basketball game in years (kids or otherwise). lol

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I'm jealous. We're just starting to have 2 feet of snow melt out from under us.

I love the composition. People often ignore vertical compositions like this. Looking forward to seeing your basketball shots!
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You should have seen the jpeg.

The dog in that image was overexposed a good 2 stops and I still managed to keep most of the highlight detail (thanks to shooting in raw + jpeg and processing the raw file with a Linux based tool I've been playing with. I didn't notice it until I shot it and looked at the blinking highlights on the camera's histogram. But, I liked it and decided to see what I could do with it anyway.

I needed to use a bit more than -2 on the exposure slider with Adobe Camera Raw to try and recover close to that much detail in highlights.

But, I converted using showFoto 4.0 (the image editor in digiKam version 0.9.0) with it's defaults and the exposure came about out the same way as dialing in a -2 setting using Adobe Camera Raw, recovering most of the highlights with no work at all.

I've got digiKam 0.9.0 setup to automatically try and retain some of the highlights so that I don't need to work at it. lol

I decided to stick with the digiKam 0.9.0 conversion versus Adobe Camera Raw conversion (even though ACR also handled it pretty well). No other PP except for a light touch of USM after downsizing using the same program running under a beta version SimplyMEPIS (a Linux distribution). Saved as JPEG at 85% JPEG Quality for Web Viewing.

This is the way it looks in the raw converter without doing any enhancements before downsizing and adding a light touch of USM. I was so impressed with the converter's' ability to keep highlights when a shot was that overexposed, I did a screen capture of it earlier, before I touched any other controls.

If you look at the thumbnails on the left hand side, the bottom one is the camera produced jpeg. So, that will give you an idea of how overexposed the highlights were. lol This is a downsized screen print:

Here's a larger screen print:


As for basketball, my brother-in-law asked me if I could take some photos of his grandkids at a game next weekend. So, I'll bring a few lenses and see what works best in the gym (my 100mm f/2 would probably be a good fit). He says it's well lit. But, he may be overestimating the lighting. I'll find out. lol

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