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JohnG, really like the first pic. Good action shot, sharp focus. Also like the fourth not just because she's a hottie; also like how she stands out with the blurred background. As for second and third shots, IMO they need a tighter crop and more blurred background. It's something I constantly struggle with as well every game, so I know how hard it is.
As for a shorter lens, I've used a 50 1.8 and 85 1.8 in addition to my 80-200. The problem with the 50 (at least for the Nikon) is the relatively slow focusing especially when compared to the other two lenses. I tend to stand by the baseline, so the 85 and 80-200 are fine.
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hey wow nice shots i was tempted with going to a dslr .amd was looking at the d70 ,but now i see your pictures an dthink wow the rebel. I currently shoot with an olympus 750 ultra zoom but get very grainy pictures and only have up to iso 400, so what is the secret to achieving these great pictures? camera . lens, speed, flash , what ? and what noise reduction software did you use and how well does it work ? does it give you a good printable 8x10 result ? Man fabulous pictures... I love to shoot my kids sports and if i coudl get anything to look that close wow .... Thanks Bill B

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Thanks for the complements. IMHO there are several important aspects for sports photography - but I am still a lowly ameteur so take this advice for what it's worth

For indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, etc. you MUST have fast glass - at least 2.8 for well lit places (like this arena). Unfortunately most high school arenas will not be lit nearly as well as this place - which means you likely will need a 2.0, 1.8 or 1.4 lense (for canon, 85 1.8 or 50mm 1.8 or 50mm 1.4 are common lenses). You can still use 2.8 indoors but you're pretty much gauranteeing you'll have to shoot at ISO1600 or 3200. So, bottom line - whatever SLR system you invest in you will have to pay some $$ to get a lense fast enough for indoor sports.

ISO - you will need to shoot at ISO 800, 1600 or 3200 to get any acceptable shutter speeds (need at least 1/320 but 1/500 is really the goal). That's why you pretty much need an SLR for this type of shooting.

The noise reduction software I used was Noiseware I believe - a free copy which is outstanding.

Custom WB - Although the light in this arena was very white (my custom WB pictures and auto WB pictures were very close) - most gyms are not. If you don't adjust WB for H.S. gyms you will often get a very yellow cast to the pictures.

As for whether or not I could get a good 8x10 out of the pics - I honestly can't say. I never tried printing 8x10 from my sports photos (they're not of people I know so I really have no use for an 8x10).

But, the 300D does have some very serious limitations with regards to sports shooting. It only has a 4-shot burst. The AI-Servo (for maintaining focus on objects moving towards/away) is only gauranteed in the 'sports' mode where you can't set ISO (I think it defaults to 400). In other modes, the camera must detect the movement in order for AI Servo to work. Basketball is not such an issue but football or soccer where a lot more shots are of people moving with the ball it is in issue.

I have been very happy with the 300D - but I would at least wait to see if they announce a replacement this month as has been rumored. Right now I believe you could comfortably put the Canon/Nikon cameras in this order (best to worst): Canon 20D, Nikon D70, Canon 300D. Hope that was helpful!
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