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Today was the 46th (I think) Pirita-Kose race here in Estonia. There were 5 races from junior 250CC all the way upto the superbikes and sidecar bikes. Well it was a fun and very long day. I shot some 1000 pictures and got about 50 keepers. Panning is quite a bit harder than I had expected, and the fact that no turn on this track had a speed lower that 100KM/h made things even more fun. The track was a 2 lane road that ran through a forest and ravine so there was little or no room to find a good shooting location. I ended up behind a telephone pole on the outside of a 150km/h turn that had a 4 foot dirt bank on the outside (protection for me ). Panning was made harder by the fact that I was 5 feet from the track so I had to spin very very fast to keep the rider in the frame. The first 2 hours of racing was with overcast sky which was good for keeping my shutter speeds slow, but didn't give my images the lighting I'd hoped for. About 5 minutes before the Superbike race it started to rain and there was a 30min delay while the teams changed to rain gear. As they prepared the safety car came around the track and did a few loops. He came through my turn and floored it, putting the car into a power slide. It was pretty scary since it was pouring rain, he was doing well over 100km/h and he was driving a Nissan 350Z. Lucky for me he pulled it off and on his next lap around he gave me a thumbs up out the window.

As for shooting in the rain...well that was interesting. My 70-200L is waterproof so I just let it sit in the rain and get soaked, but for the 20D I put a plastic bag over it and hoped for the best. In the end it all worked out great.

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It sure did work out for the best.

This is a great series of shots even with the weather not being at its best.
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Superb just superb

Please post more the rain makes me feeel like home

rob B
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Beautifully done. Great technique and consistency.


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