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Overall I thought you did a very good job. I went to each listing and looked at every pic. If I have time later I critique individual shots. I will say the range from okay to excellent!

You need to increase your SS to stop action more consistantly. There were several pics where the sharpness is hurt by the SS being too slow and on several you have too much DoF, making the backgrounds a major distraction.

Your night shot are very yellow - go into your white balance and set it for Incandescent using the Rear Main command dial. You can further tweak the color balance +/- 3 steps with the front Sub Command dial.

Part of the problem is that ancient equipment you're using. WOW a $4,500, 3 mega pixel camera! Just kidding, but it is amazing how far digital imaging has come. For $1,700 you can get a D 200, 10 mega pixels and the same 5fps shooting rate.

Now for that losing football team. I've lived with a team that averages one winning season every 11 years! But I want to thank WSU and Alabama for sending us a coach that has won eight games in each of the last two seasons including two straight bowl games. Oh, I forgot to mention a small side trip he made between Pullman and Tuscaloosa. I think it was to a "gentleman's club".

As we like to say in these parts - the Price was right.

Keep shootin' looking foward to some basketball shots.
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Thanks all for the comments and suggestions.
Africa, I particularly want to thank you for your critique. Off the top of my head, I think most shots were at 400/2.8 though some of the night shots might have been at 320. While that could certainly have caused some bluriness, it felt like just the slightest delay in the camera locking focus was probably the bigger cause. There were times when tracking focus the camera would hunt just a tad (non AF-S lens) before locking in, hence some blurs. I also noticed the background issues on some, but kind of liked a few because of the emotion seen in the background. On the Apple Cup winning touchdown sequence, I liked the roar of the sidelines seen in back. I've seen pics other photogs got of the same play from a straight-on view and prefer them in some ways, but I also liked the emotion in the background of mine. But definitely, at times the background was too in focus.
As for WB, yes, I do know how to set that. Again off the top of my head, I believe WB was usually set to cloudy or preset using my notepad. I believe (not 100% certain) I tried incandescent once and colors were way funky. First game of the year was a night game and I was there early, so I experimented with various WB settings, going from -3 to +3 on all.
As for equipment, I know I know, I've got old stuff. I got my D1H because I needed something faster than the D70 (judging by comments on various forums, I don't think I'm the only questioning Nikon's 3 FPS claim). I got the D1H for about $1,300 about 13 months ago, which stretched my budget bigtime. At the time the D2H was still selling for about $3,000 so I was eager to jump on a new D1H for less than half the cost. If the D2H had gone on sale about 1 month earlier, I would have been VERY tempted. As it is, I'm marrying a PhD student Saturday and moving to Iowa, so money goes from tight to extremely tight and thus I likely won't be able to upgrade anytime soon, especially since I don't know what I'll be doing for work come next month. I've been pleased with my ancient D1H and it's helped me get a lot of great shots, so for now I'll plod along with what I have. Just passed the 40K mark and it's still going strong.
As for Mike "It's Rolling, baby" Price, I still have fond memories of our 'Price'less 2003 season when we hooked a dominant win over Texas in the Holiday Bowl. I also still think we could have had a chance at Oklahoma in the '03 Rose Bowl if Price hadn't let his ego get in the way and insisted on coaching a team he had quit on. I appreciate what Price did for the WAZZU program and some of the great players he recruited to Pullman, but his record in big games speaks for itself. If you don't believe me, check out his 3-11 record against UW in the Apple Cup. I was going through some old stuff today and came across some articles about the whole 'Bama affair. One headline in particular I loved: "Forrest Gump to Mike Price: Stupid is as stupid does." :lol:
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