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Ok! Thanks!! I think I have a grasp on parts of it. Now I need to practice with what I've learned so far. I will go and take some of my nephew's league basketball. It will be good practice as they play in my daughter's high school gym and also they are 6 or 7 year olds so the action will be a little slower.

Soon I will be asking opinions about either looking at the 7d formyself or possibly 5d (although I love how the 7d has most of the controls on the outside of the camera itself; don't think the 5d does) or the rebel xt. sure wish i could play with one of those. my son-in-law knows someone with onethat might let us take it one day.

thanks so much for the input!!

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Dont worry to much about the exposure. Look at the histogram try for the peak to be in the middle. If the pieak is to the left it will be underexposed (to dark underexposed) if thepeak is to the right (to bright overexposed) in the middle just right.:-)

Follow these steps with both cameras z1 and 7d.

lowest apeture number means more lght comes in the camera. (f2 to f4)

iso means sensitivity like film speed in low light and indoors. (the higher the better-400 z1, 1000 or higher on 7d).

Shutter speed is how fast you want to capture. (sports above 1/300 indoors and 1/1000 outdoors)

Set this up on manual take a couple of practice pictures and look at the histogram if you do not have the option for live. If the histogram peak is to the left you need more light lower f stop number or slower shutter. If to the right higher f stop number of faster shutter. Thats the problem with sports in low light as I found out you need software to help becouse these settings might be underexposed theres not much we can do, even for a DSLR unlessyou buy a lens just for this purpose. around$800 to $1200dollors (ouch) and thats no guarenty the pics will be like sports illustrated. I spoke with a photographer at a Miami Heat game and asked him how he shoots in the arena and his reply was. They have a wireless remote connected to stobe lights on top fo the court evry time they shoot they use the arenas BIG flashes to compensate for the lack of light. Thats how S I does it.

Picassa and noiseware are very easy to use (im feeling lucky with picassa) and pick a filter with noiseware filter and save. (thats it easy, easy). Give them a try you will not be dissapointed.

Check this link out this was how I learned, thew same way it will help you also. Newbie help, baseball under the lights, if the link deas not work.

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thanks a bunch angel. iam finally grasping the app and shutter speeds. i'll have to pay attention as well to exposure and learn about that. i guess all thishas abearing on whether you get a good focus or not as well. i will definitely review that website. I'm going to work on what yall have given me so far and see how that goes. Hopefully I will have some decent pics to post.

Thanks again,

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