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tdredi Mar 15, 2006 11:05 PM

So here are the pics as promised from the last busy weekend at a local ski resort in PA. I volunteer there, so I got some good pics.

Sat AM - mountian biking:

setting up the course:

riders in action:

SUN am: pondskiming. wtf u may ask, well pictures are worth 536,468,24,452,159,634,721,582,351,245v words. need i say more?

the players:

the playing field:

AND WITH THESE WORDS, I HEREBY PRESENT THE PONDSKIMMING CONTEST (wasn't that kinda how the opening speech of the olympics went too? anyways, enjoy)

i tink i can

[SIZE="7"]d'oh/SIZE]'s a kind ob colds. brrrr

more typical players trying to score points:

and the winnar:

Seeeeee how easy it is to do? Next year join in the fun and DON"T get wet!

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