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Took these with my new Canon 70-200 f 2.8. My skill level is weekend warrior with a little knowledge so let me know what you think. I was coaching, so the first set was shot by my wife after I set up the camera.File size was JPG fine.

These were shot with the aperture set at 2.8, shutter 1/2000, iso 100.

This was taken a different day. Same settings except shutter 1/2500. Is this underexposed? Does not look crisp to me. The center focal point was right on his nose.

Same with this one. The sun was almost directly behind the player. Do you think that was the problem? I did change the aperture to 3.2, shutter 1/1600. I thought the DOF at 2.8 was too small. At 2.8 it wastoughkeeping the moving player in focus. Do you guys prefer shooting the outfield at f4?

I had to crop them due to my websites memory constraints, but let me know what you think of the cropping too. Remember, I am practically an idiot when it comes to photography, so any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I was going to pick out my favorites, then decided it would be easier to identify the ones I didn't like,but couldn't find any.

I love #3! The harsh shadows in #10 and #11 are unfortunate, but are correctable in post-processing. Also, maybe the shutter speed was a little too fast; some of the shots might look better if the ball was blurred by motion.

gator12 wrote:
Remember, I am practically an idiot when it comes to photography, so any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
For 'practically an idiot', I'd say you've done amazingly well.
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I think you did a very good job for being inexperienced at sports shooting. The two biggest areas for improvement are:

1. Shoot in portrait orientation - 90% of the action is vertical so you end up with a lot of dead space in these shots.

2.Most of these are a bit soft. Were you using AI-Servo mode? Single focus point or all? And, how much did you crop these? The reason I ask is that soft focus is often the result of not framing tightly in-camera (you want your in-camera framing to be about what the 1st 2 photos are cropped to). You also need to acquire and track your subject for a second before firing to make sure its locked and tracking. But I think some USM would sharpen some of them up nicely.

Shots 4-7 are definitely the sharpest of the bunch - they look very good!

As to the shots you worried were underexposed - yes they are a bit. It's a definite problem when shooting in bright light. You have to make a decision - do you want to preserve highlights in sky and uniform or do you want to see the faces? I prefer to expose for the faces so I'll lose highlights in white uniforms. But most non-photo geeks don't recognize that but they do recognize when you can't see a face.

Again, GREAT job for a first time. If you switch to portrait orientation and frame tighter I think you'll find you end up with much sharper images.

Thanks for sharing!!
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Thanks for the pointers John. I was using AI-Servo and all focal points. It seems to have trouble focusing at times. I figured it was just inexperience with the lense. Should I use just the center focal point? Also, they were cropped very little. So whatever input as to how I canget them sharper is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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Old Feb 18, 2007, 6:37 AM   #5
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I agree with john on most points. 4 & 5 should be cropped. 6,7,8,9 should be cropped verticle. When I am shooting Little League I usually hold the camera horizontal and crop later. A little more work but I find a catch more of the action. I also use the center focus only on my camera, keeps for it focusing on something or someone away from the action.
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Great first series attempt and I'm with John the better ones are when you have the subject closer so the lens is able to get a sharper focus (when the lens is near infinity you will rarely get sharp results).

I would only use centre point focus otherwise the camera can get distracted by the background or another player coming into frame.

If you switch to shooting in portrait rather than landscape it will allow you to use more zoom when filling the frame which will have the effect of blurring the background more and also will mean you have more pixels used so when printing the results will be better/you can print larger. I don't suggest shooting landscape and then cropping to portrait as you waste so much of the shot in the crop.

Looking forward to seeing more work from you.


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