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Hello, My friend had great seats, so I brought the camera. It started to rain, but I was happy to get some shots in. As always C&C welcome.

John Lieber

Chase Utley 5 for 5 that night

Ryan Howard (hit a home run on this one, wish I had the ball on the bat)

Wes Helms

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great shots, can you share what lens and settings you shot with?

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Thanks, I used the Nikon VR 70-200mm 2.8, using aperture priority. I used 1600 ISO and kept the aperture at 2.8. The exposure ranged anywhere between 1/500 and 1/1000 , but the majority of the time it was around 1/500. EV was +0.3. Minimal post processing using PhotoShop (Unsharp mask thanks to John G, and Mark).
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As you were shooting under the lights you can get away with using manual mode for the shots as you won't get much variation in how bright it is. The reason you were getting differing exposures would be down to the light coloured kits. I would suggest that you take a couple of shots in Av and look at the histogram to see that the exposure is OK and that the skin tones are good on the LCD (this is only a guide so you need to look at some examples before hand on both the PC and LCD so you are aware of differences) and then use those settings for manual mode. If you find that they are a bit over or under exposed due to the kits being dark or light then adjust shutter speed (unless you are wanting to change the dof) to get the desired results. This will mean then the skin tones of all players will be good no matter what kit they have.

Oh and yes your friend did have very nice seats, I really wish we had baseball of that standard in the UK.
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Could i get your friend to take me to the park!!! Nice job.
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