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Keep them comming, they are all very good!!!

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Some feedback:

1. Not sure if there was a lot of haze that day, or these are overcropped or just not sharp - but this one just isn't that sharp.

2. A bit oversharp. Nice shot though - good timing.

3. Good timing - nice expression. But wb is a bit off.

4. Not as good as the others - too early in the slide. He's too far away from the bag and thus you're left with a lot of uninteresting deadspace. You need the shot where he's closer to the bag

5. Best one so far. Nice and sharp and good timing. Colors are a bit faded though - a bit of PP work would make them pop.

6. You're timing is good but the shot is boring. Expressions aren't interesting and neither is the action. The slide isn't as dynamic as others in the series. So you did everything right. But sometimes you can do everything right and the shot still isn't that interesting.

7. Similar story. The third baseman's eyes are closed and it's unclear if he caught the throw or missed it. But in either case it's not very interesting subject matter. Slides back to the bag can be intesting if their's a tag because that is peak action or if it's a tight shot of the person sliding back and they have a good expression.

8. I have mixed feelings on this one. I like the expression but two issues with the crop - 1) the resulting image isn't very sharp - so that hurts the affect of his expression and 2) it looks akward having the fielder cut in half.

9. Nice timing. Here I see you shot at 70mm. I assume you were at the home plate side of the dugout? If so, I guess I would ask why? The two issues with this photo are - 1) not sharp and 2) very distracting background. To clean up the backrounds you need a longer focal length.

10. Nice shot. Good sharpness, great timing - love the dirt flying. The hand is cut off and that's unfortunate but still this #3 and #5 are all very good shots (assuming a little pp on 3 & 5).

11. Nice timing and good expression. But as with shot 1 this shot seems to be suffering from a lack of sharpness / contrast possibly due to haze. Look at this shot compared to the one above it.

Overall nice job. There are definitely some good aspects here. Keep at it and keep seeking constructive feedback and you'll be amazed how quickly you can improve.
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Thanks for looking and commenting. #1, 11 even some others it seems when the dust kicks up the metering takes a dump. # 1 is the I think the worst one, but i like it for the action. Anyway pic1, the sun was setting and the dust started to kick up and that was the end product. Anyway baseball season is done, hockey is around the corner. Thanks again John for your comments
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