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JohnG Dec 24, 2006 11:07 AM

C&C welcome. Shot at ISO 1600, f2.2 and 1/400 with 20D and 85mm 1.8:

stoltzy Dec 24, 2006 1:09 PM

Great pics!!!!
I'd love to have results like that.
You make me jealous.

Mark1616 Dec 24, 2006 1:12 PM

Hey John, good to see that you are back posting again....... two series in one week..... we are spoilt!! For a change I really like number 2 which wouldn't normally be great as the player is lost in the background or spectators but in this case their emotion really adds to the shot.

Am I imagining it or is player on the right in shot4 practising YMCA while on the court.... that must really annoy his team mates!!! LOL.#

The last two are cool for facial expressions, just a shame that part of the feet are missing.

Nice work!!

spy Dec 24, 2006 1:34 PM

#1 and 2 are very cool in that it looks like you shot these two at the same time using a remote for the second camera.

There's no mistake where the player in #7 is going. Great expression and determination in this shot!!:cool:The timing in these 3 are perfect.

JohnG Dec 24, 2006 3:01 PM


Thanks - initially I didn't like #2 but then I saw the 'boo-birds' and really liked that aspect of it.

Stoltzy - thank you very much for the high praise. You've got good equipment and a good eye - with practice you'll be getting shots just like this. Shooting in low light at wide apertures is tough - I'm still agrevated at how many shots I have to toss because my focus is off.

Thanks Spy.

I think next game out I'm going to try the 50mm 1.8 again - I generally avoid it because it's focus isn't as good as the 85 but as you can tell, the 85 is very tight - I think all of these had VERY minor cropping - just to adjust the framing.

stoltzy Dec 24, 2006 3:49 PM

JohnG, any advice for me about pic that are out of focus shots. I'm with you on the tossing of pics. I probably dump 3/4 of mine each time. I use the AF, just can't get the nack of manual focusing. i use the center weighted metering, continuous AF, and the center spot AF area.

JohnG Dec 24, 2006 4:34 PM

Those are the right settings. As for manual focusing - don't bother. You're not going to be successful at that with wide apertures. Stick to what you are doing and keep practicing. Also note: with a 50mm lens you're not going to have much luck with ai-servo past say 20 feet. Look at the focus indicators on any lens - you'll notice they are all designed for precision focusing only up until a certain point. Beyond that, you get very dicey results - especially in low light at wide apertures. So, wait until the action is within 20 feet (preferably 15) to use your 50mm. Within 10 feet you should see excellent results.

Keep at it!

futbol mom Dec 27, 2006 11:23 AM

JohnG, awesome photos. I didn't realize that this part of the forum existed. I always just went to the "what camera should I buy" section. In just the past couple of days I have learned so much from these's been great. I just ordered the 30D and the 70-300mm lens you suggested. My husband just told me that he would buy me another lens for my bithday. To get action shot like the one's you have posted, would it be best if I got the 50mm or the 85mm 1.8? (not sure which one I will get more use out of) I will be doing karate and basketball shots.

...on to more learning:D.

FB Mom

JohnG Dec 27, 2006 12:07 PM

FB Mom -

These were all shot with the 85mm 1.8. In deciding between the 50mm and 85mm it really comes down to distance from the action. The 85mm is a better lens in every respect but it can be too tight in some situations.

In the case of basketball, the 50mm works well for under the basket type shots. With the 85mm you need to shoot from the corners.

For karate - it depends on the size of the dojo and where you are shooting from. And it depends on the type of shot you like. The 85 is going to be tight if you're just outside the ring area - and being new to action shooting, that may cause you some difficulty.

If you're doing shooting at tournaments - it's pointless unless you have access to the floor - at which point the above rules apply.

So, there is no clear-cut winner. The 85 will definitely provide better shots (sharper and faster to focus) but they will all be tight shots - which might be difficult when you're still learning.

Given all the above, I'd be inclined to recommend the 50mm lens to start out with. It's only $70 or so - so it's a real bargain. As you get used to sports shooting, then move up to the 85mm (or, if the focal length of the 50 suits your style, stick with it).

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