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Default Basketball - lunch break

So a bunch of us guys play basketball during our lunch our mwf, I hurt my wrist taking a bad fall on Wed. so I decided to bring my new camera to the court (which is on top of the parking garage). Here goes my first round ever of sport photos and posting.

Shot from Canon T2i - kit 18-55mm lens Av
Name:  crew8.JPG
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Name:  crew3.JPG
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Name:  crew4.JPG
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Name:  crew7.JPG
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Name:  crew14.jpg
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Mike - for a first time shooting sports you did a great job. Some really decent stuff here. Focus is good on all but the last and exposure is good on all but the first. The one suggestion for next time is you need to get back away further and use a longer focal length to create a shallower depth of field. The backgrounds here are distracting. Also, don't be afraid to frame tighter. An example is shot #2: The defender isn't doing much interesting so the shot and shooter's facial expression are going to be the best part - so take some risks next time and zoom in tighter to get some torso & up shots.

Now, here's the down side - when you do shoot with that shallower DOF to get rid of bad backgrounds, you'll find a lot more shots are not in focus. But that's the fun of it - trying to get your subject in focus and the background out of focus so all the attention of the viewer is on the subject.

But really you did a very good job. Nice start into sports shooting!
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Old Mar 26, 2010, 6:16 PM   #3
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I agree with John, some good stuff straight off the 'bat' so be encouraged. Number 3 is my fave, just a shame he wasn't left handed so we could see his face!

Did you pick up any other lenses or just the kit one?

I agree with John, just put it at 55mm and the aperture to f5.6 and shoot as tight as possible. Doesn't matter if you crop off some feet just get the upper body and the ball. Try to show faces as much as possible so we have a connection with the action and you are away.

Looking forward to your next outing, and I'm pleased (partly) that you hurt your wrist so we got to see these.... however I hope it is better soon, just remember to shoot a bit from time to time
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Thanks for the great advice John & Mark, I was afraid to get too tight to be honest because I remember reading some comments on someone else’s basketball pictures and they had mentioned something about getting their feet in there, it was probably specific to that particular photo but I took it as a general rule... that said I'm excited for Monday to come around so I can practice what you have all suggested in my next shots. I sent some of the pictures out to the guys that played in the game Friday (we have a basketball email chain to see who's playing that day) and they are just as geeked as I am to get some more pictures. Good thing too because I'm planning on taking them until my wrist heals, I just need to cross my fingers for sunny days in the week or two to follow.

I didn't purchase any other lens' at the moment, my next plan of action is to pick up the 70-200 4L per John's advice in a previous post or possibly skip it and jump right in the 2.8, however I'm moving in the next month so we will see how the wallet feels about that.

I wanted to ask about the exposure in the first one, I am planning on picking up that book about exposure by I think it is Peterson (or if there are other good suggested books I'm all ears), however, to me that shot does look off is my assumption that it is underexposed correct?

Also a generic question I suppose, I currently shot all these in Aperture priority with the largest possible f stop for the focal length so 3.5-5.6 for this particular lens, ISO was manual set to 100 and exposure was +-0. Is the shooting mode I'm using correct? Or is it better to use shutter priority or even full manual (which right now seems would not be ideal trying to track and set the right exposure etc.)?

I noticed in most my shots when looking through the viewfinder I believe in AV mode the lowest shutter speed I saw was 800 with the highest actually hitting 4000 (which I think is the limit for the T2i), at it's highest shutter speed I did not see the exposure indicator denoting it would be overexposed.

Thanks again, I shall continue the practice diligently.

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As per framing, don't be worried about feet when they play is up high, and especially when they are jumping. When it is a running play then you want feet in the frame.

Here is one of John's threads as to be honest I've not shot much BBall so his standard is much higher than mine in this discipline and you can see a selection of shots.


As regards to settings, Av is a good starting point and M is the ideal if lighting is consistent. For any sport where you want to freeze the action and isolate the subject (most team/individual sports) then Tv is totally the wrong way to go. Using Av and setting the widest possible aperture will ensure that you will always have the fastest available shutter speed and the narrowest DOF in each shot (assuming you select f3.5 at the 18mm end when setting everything up). The shirt colours can affect this as can the bright sky etc, you can see this in your first shot where the shirts are white so the camera has under exposed the shot (as you noticed yourself). If you are shooting with the sun behind the players then you might also need to dial in some positive exposure compensation.

Feel free to fire any more questions our way.

I had to put one of my photos in to show that I can shoot BBall a little, even if not as well as some others and here not having feet or even legs doesn't distract from the action.

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So here are a few more from Friday as well...
Need tigher, better cropping, different angle especially on #2?

#1 Should I have his feet in this shot since dribbling?
Name:  larryturn.JPG
Views: 164
Size:  218.6 KB
#2 Better angle, not tight enough, or possible better crop?
Name:  crew11.JPG
Views: 161
Size:  247.5 KB
#3 Not tight enough or?
Name:  larryturn2.JPG
Views: 152
Size:  215.9 KB

I just noticed how distracting the red shirt is in almost all of these photo's, especially with the wide DoF.
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