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Default Best ISO setting for Hockey

Hi All,
Shooting indoor Hockey without a flash (D100 w/ 70-200 2.8 VR), what is the best ISO and Speed to shoot at for Images that I know I will need to crop??

Using a D100 (raw mode) on Auto ISO, I might shoot at 2.8, at a shutter speed of 400, but end use a 1600 ISO (no flash). This leads to a very grainy 8x10.

How do I get high caliber images - using existing lighting?

These need to be picture frame quality images.

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I shoot alot of (Dim Arenas) And allways use strobes or flash, if you can't ,basicly use the lowest ISO you can get away with. Try this Go to jpg. format. Apeture priority ISO 1000 , f2.8, Monitor shutter speed and adjust as nessesary, and go to Full manual, Exposure compesation start at +2.0 and use a monopod I know you have a VR But you are after more light and the monopod will allow you to use slower shutter speads. you may have to shut the VR feature of on the lens If you can I dont know Mine are not VR .Hope this helps you just have to play with the Camera to get it set right (Nice thing about Digital) Oh almost forgot a grey card setting will help also. Indoor is a pain but it can be done. good luck
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Originally Posted by cowboy43
I shoot alot of (Dim Arenas) And allways use strobes or flash,
Thanks - problem is that Hockey folks don't care for flash's unless it's a staged event. Flash's are a no-no in hockey -- add to this that many images are often taken through glass.

The challenge is getting a high quality image that can be processed as an 8x10 without losing image quality (no grainy effect).

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Here is a Hockey picture a friend took , he just got a Canon Rebel.
Ive never took hockey pictures before, but ive tried to take indoor basketball pics which are hard to get unless you have good light .

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Get there early.

Set your camera to aperture priority mode using the fastest speed of your lense as the shooting aperture. That way you will always get the fastest shutter speed possible for your lens.

Set your ISO to the highest your camera supports and then snap a couple of test shots. Check out the histograms for the shots you just took. Check out the shutter speeds set by the camera. If you get very fast shutter speeds, lower the ISO a step or two.

The white ice will be very bright. You might want to determine a good exposure setting and set it in manual mode.

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Default Hockey Pics

I have a number of them up in my portfolio... each lists the ISO, Shutter & Apeture setting. Might be helpful... More will follow I can only add 3 per day & the camera is new...

Hope this helps.

Here's the Link:

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