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Nicely done, good timing and the focus looks to be spot on as well (at this size anyway).
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btrips wrote:

Is the front focus a lens issue or a camera issue? I will have to go back and look at the others I took. I am still having a hard time getting a good focus lock. I am getting a lot of goodshots, just not great pictures.


It COULD be either the camera or the lens (most often the lens). But in reality more often than not it's simply a bad focus on the particular shot. Often that is caused by improper technique (not focusing on high contrast area, not keeping point on subject, not allowing focus lock to be achieved prior to snapping, shooting subjects too far away, etc...)

To be honest, the fact that you've only taken 3,000 shots in 6 months tells me you haven't been doing much sports shooting. It's like any other skill - when you're first learning it you need to do it often. That's about 2-3,000 sports shots A MONTH not in 6 months. So I think your expectations are a bit unrealistic. Sure there are a few people that are naturals at this but for most sports shooters (myself included) - it takes intensive practice to start getting great shots. So, give it some time. How much time depends on how much sports shooting you can do - if only a couple hundred shots a month then yes it's going to take quite a bit of time.

I'm not saying you're doing something wrong here. I know having a family doesn't allow for you going out and shooting sporting events every other day. I'm just saying don't get too down on yourself yet. It will take some time. You've got great equipment and it's about to get better so that's a huge bonus. But only practice, feedback and self-study (i.e. looking at your shots, viewing where the focus points were - seeing what shots worked and why and what shots didn't work and why) are going to get you there. Keep at it. You're doing well.

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What can i say!! jealousy is rife lol, i can't explain the poor showing of your 70-200 :?, must have been lucky in the one i bought,look forward to seeing more from your new lens and promise to bite my green eyed tongue [img]/forums/images/emoticons/lachen001.gif[/img]lol: Kind regards Graham.
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