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I was offered to buy a 20d from a friend with the lens ,compact flash card, remote and mono pod for $1,000 its in awesome condition. I was how ever all set to get the nikon d70s , i have no experience with dslr's or slr's and have no lens. I had always thought that nikon was the cream of the crop. But when i was comparing cameras at the local store they claimed that the d70s and 20d were pretty much = . I was wondering if there would be any noticiable difference in pictures taken from each one if compared? I shoot my kids sports (volleyball,basketball, wrestling football and softball) as well as nature pictures,and was looking for a camera that would allow me the ability to create some stunning prints.Currently i have a point and shoot and my pictures are grainy when taken inside without a flash.I wanted some pictures i can frame and proudly hang on my wall.

Now i wwas looking at the statistics of each camera ,and there are some differences and i am not sure how they compare or what they might mean and was wondering if someone could help me .

Like flash sync 20d is 250, d70 is 500?

metering 20d=evaultive,partial ,and center weighted, d70= 3d color matrix,center weighted,and spot metering? what is the difference in the metering ability in the two cameras ? will one meter better in low light? which one is easier and is one more accurate?

focus area =20d has 9 af points,d70 has 5 , does this make a huge difference will one focus faster or more accurate?

does the 20d have rear curtain flash ,as the d70 does ? will this be a huge factor and what does that mean? rear curtain flash?

the ev steps 20d +/- 2 stops in 1/2 or 1/3 increments ,d70= +/- 5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 increments ,does this have an advantage?

d70 = rgb ccd sensor, 20d is cmos is there a difference in the qaulity or accuracy of reproduction from one sensor to the other?

I know this is a lot to ask and i don't need specifics just trying to understand the differences and see if they will mean any huge difference to me and my use of the camera as i am new to this and want to start out on the right foot and this seems like a really good deal on the 20d.... Please email me at [email protected]

thanks Bill Butcher, i can't help but notice in magazines i really don't see very many 20d pictures in the contests , but i have seen pictures in the camera shop and they looked really good, but wasn;t sure which one would be easy to use ,a camera you can grow with and one that will produce accurate color , and be able to focus in dim light , which i here is a problem with most digital cameras. The lighting in the gyms can be poor and sometimes flash isn;t an option. Again thanks Bill B
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