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Killer Angel Dec 5, 2007 8:55 AM

Between the Canon 40D and Nikon D 300,which camera focuses faster?Also,which among them is a better camera for shooting sports?And why?
Thankyou very much

JohnG Dec 5, 2007 11:05 AM

You'll see a LOT of speculation about this. And then you'll see a LOT of claims from both camps. Just based on specs, the D300 looks like the better camera. If it indeed has THE EXACT SAME pro focus system - and that system works (assuming it's been tweaked since D2x) then it should be a much better solution than the 40d.

But that' s just speculation. Sports shooting is very demanding - and I don't give much weight to people's opinions on how a camera will do in sports if they themselves are not serious sports shooters. So, given the D300 is completely new animal I think it's going to take several months for it to get into the hands of serious sports shooters and for those shooters to put it through it's paces (20,000 shots in different sports in different conditions). You'll see a number of quick reviews from low level sports shooters or people that shoot their kid walking but it will take months to get good feedback from trustworthy sports shooters. Over those months we'll see if the camera shows any warts. Not sure how much head-to-head comparisons we'll see from sports shooters (rarely does someone have both systems and comparable pro quality lenses). But what you can hope for is someone with a D2x and a d300 to compare how close they are.

In general for sports, the following camera functions are critical (assuming similar quality lens is used - a fair assumption when comparing Canon to Nikon):
  • focus speed & accuracy - initial focus[/*]
  • Focus speed & accuracy - servo / continuous focus[/*]
  • low light focus ability[/*]
  • high ISO performance - easily half my sports shots are at ISO 1600 or above.[/*]
  • frame rate - having shot 3fps, 5fps and 10fps - yes more fps DOES help greatly.[/*]
  • write speeds / buffer handling (although I expect both to be fine here).
Then come other aspects which can help but aren't as critical:
  • viewfinder coverage & brightness[/*]
  • ergonomics - how easily are the features YOU want to adjust adjustable.[/*]
  • battery life[/*]
  • customizations (changing frame rates used, how focusing works, how synch works, etc etc etc).[/*]
  • durability & weather sealing.
Last but not least you have to consider TOTAL SOLUTION COST - not just the camera but the lenses you'll use. So, one or the other could end up costing you significantly more money as a total solution. Then it's a matter of whether or not the additional cost is WORTH IT to you.

So, if you have the time, keep your eyes on various forums where sports shooters hang out and see how they review the D300 (you'll already see reviews from sports shooters using the 40d). I don't think you'll have a problem finding any. The key will be to look past the people that aren't advanced sports shooters that will clutter things up (i.e. they haven't used several DSLRs to shoot sports so can't speak in relative terms as to how this camera behaves vs other semi-pro or pro level cameras or they don't have enough experience shooting sports so can't give a trusted opinion on how the camera behaves in demanding and varied sporting situations).

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