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Jenni Jun 2, 2004 6:49 PM

Boom! Pop!

Well, I haven't posted a photo for awhile so I decided to post this one! For all those not huge equestrian fans like me, this is a relatively new sport to the horse world called Cowboy Mounted Shooting! What they do is they take loaded .45 calibur guns, (very short range, mind you! lol poor onlookers if they weren't) and they run patterns, shooting balloons. I went to the MN Horse Expo and saw a demo of CMS and just fell in love. They are required to dress in 1800s era clothes and use the old western tack. Such a great addition to the equestrian, and definately something Id love to get into, considering my whole life revolves around old style riding and trails.

If anyone's interested, I can post some more pictures of these awesome folks!

And about the picture, I took it with my Olympus C700 UZ. I did a little blurring of the background to take the focus off the background and onto the man and his horse.

discodudette Jun 6, 2004 8:36 PM

Nice Jenn! My fave is that one you have of the baloon that is in the air that was just popped!

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