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SamG Sep 28, 2015 4:38 PM

Cropping help
While taking pictures of my kids' sports, I usually end up with a picture or two that I'm not sure how to crop. I take pictures for myself and the other parents. Here are two examples:

Should I clone out the dark blue player facing the camera? Leave it as is? Our team is in white.

Again, our team in white.
I'm not crazy about the coach or bench in the background, or #10 in the foreground, but like the action between the two girls on the ball.

Without the two players in the background, I could tighten this up some more, but don't feel right cutting out part of a body.

Obviously each picture is going to be different what you can/can't do, but I'm just looking for some suggestions on what do when "background" players prevent(?) you from cropping closer than you'd like.


ETA: Wow, didn't realize the pictures were this big. I just linked them from our team site.

lomitamike Sep 30, 2015 7:53 AM

Ive spent quite a few years photographing kids and now grandkids. I'm not professional, just a parent who's taken hundreds of sporting event photo's of kids.
My approach is this.

A small Rubbermaid step to sit on. this gets you down to their level
A monopod.
My camera with a 70-400mm lens. Longer would be better but you can get a lot of good shots with 400mm.

I usually shoot in the largest aperture, f/5.6 with my lens. This really helps blur out the background distractions.
Shoot in burst. At least burst of 5 to 10 shots.
Think about your background before you shoot. try to keep outhouses, cars or any other distractions that will not look good in the final shot.
I usually end up cropping most shots quite a bit so having some extra MP to spare helps.
Get out every weekend and keep shooting it will come to you.
Good luck.
A couple of examples.

Streets Oct 5, 2015 11:30 AM

If you crop out the competition it will look like practice. Also, shoot from behind the goal line. The sideline activity is always distracting. Watch the pro sports photographers on T.V. and see where they are positioned.

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