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For the most part a disappointing gymnastics meet from a photography perspective. But I got some decent shots of dismounts from the beam. I know the background is a bit distracting but nothing else I could do about it - I was as far away as physically possible and shooting at 2.8. Moving closer and shooting with 85mm 1.8 I don't think would have reduced DOF enough (I know because I've tried :G).

Anyway, C&C welcome:

OK, one catch (bar routines were VERY bland and spotters ruined most of my shots ):

And, a rare usable photo from the dungeon area of the gym where floor routine is held:

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Another great series John!
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Glad you posted some gymnastics photos! I'm going to give C&C a shot:

#1 Great photo!! Her face seems a little soft though, kind of like her left hand. Something looks just a little off on the face, maybe the DOF.

#2 I would buy it if she was my daughter...good photo.

#3 You did better than the gymnast...sharp with peak action. She probably received some deductions since her feet weren't together.

#4 I hate it when I don't get the toes!

#5 Again a good photo but the hand patially blocks the face. It also appears from the shot that she is going to bang her toes on the low bar as they seem to be behind it...I bet they didn't though, just looks that way.

#6 Great timing on the photogs part and good form on the gymnasts part. Her face has good color but on my monitor her legs look a little washed out. Did you lighten this one up any?

#2 is my pick for the best and I certainly don't mean to be picky...just trying to give some comments. I know your comments have certainly helped me!

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Old Jan 31, 2008, 7:43 AM   #4
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Chris - GREAT feedback. Thanks! That's all great points.

Unfortunately the team isn't all that good. Gymnastics more than any other sport I shoot is frustrating that way. Tough to get good shots when form is bad because the sport is all about form.

I think next time I shoot in that gym I'll bring my 120-300 2.8 to shoot the bars. The floor routine is right in front of the bars - thus the reason I'm at an angle. The 300mm would allow me to shoot from across the floor mat..

Thanks again for taking the time to give feedback - it's much appreciated
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John, since I know nothing about gymnastics, it's hard for me to know what the actions should look like. You're right about the bear being distracting, but short of severe editing with Gaussian blur, there's not a lot you can do. (Time constraints, the risk of an artifical looking shot--just two good arguments against going the blur route)

Sheerly for an action photo, I like #3. There's a facial intensity that is compelling in that shot. It's almost as if she knows she's got a problem and is desparately trying to either rescue it or not completely blow the dismount.

The toe chop is the only thing that keeps me from really liking #4. Again, I like the girl's expression.

Probably, though, my favorite of the group is the one of the floor exercise in the "cave" corner. I really like the geometry of the shot. The lighting, I'm sure, is the reason for her legs looking so pale. Would there be room without spoiling the colors in the rest of the shot to up the color temp with a color balance adjustment?

A nice sequence. I would think the timing on shooting gymnastics would be extremely difficult--definitely a time to appreciate a quality burst mode.
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johng, again amazing work, i understand about the backgound, and as you know sometimes it can't be helped, but i love that the girls are upside down!!
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:-)First point: I don't see the pics - just icons. Second point: John G I greatly admire your pictures of indoor sports. Can you tell me what order sharpening and noise reduction should be done in, and whether or not these two processes tend to cancel out one another. Thanks for your posts; they are inspiring.
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jcdotcalm wrote:
:-)First point: I don't see the pics - just icons.
Yeah - sorry about that. The gallery got removed. And this being an old post I didn't re-build the links.

As far as noise reduction and sharpening - I've really done it both ways (noise first then sharpen and vice versa). Currently I do the noise reduction first - after I cull my shots down, I start a batch noise reduction (noiseware pro) - once that is about 10 shots underway I'll start processing the photos that have been processed.

And thank you for the compliment - glad you like my work.
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