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RacingManiac Jun 27, 2006 8:27 AM

oldtime Jun 27, 2006 9:58 AM

nice shots Thanks for sharing

Ru5tY Jun 27, 2006 7:40 PM

nice shots...

i've never been to an f1 or indy race...

care to share some tips on which spots on the track are good to shoot from?

what shutter speed did u use most of the time?

did u have to pan for the corner shots?

RacingManiac Jun 27, 2006 9:14 PM

If you are asking about the Montreal track...

All my shots are from 2 places, the hairpin and the last chicane(infront of the infamous "champions' wall"). The hairpin for the F1 race can be enjoyed by General Admission holders as there are spots open between the pricy grandstand seats, provided that you have a lens long enough(I am using a 300mm with 1.5 crop afterall) and don't mind being a bit creative with fences and trees and people in front of you. The Chicane is a luck thing. I went with my friend who was running a Formula BMW team in the support race and with their pass you can walk further down the service path beside the rowing basin that runs parallel to the back straight. Because of that I got to walk to the chicane, climbed a forklift, and shooting OVER the fence and right beside the track...if you can do the same for the Champcar race the it'd be a perfect spot.

If you are asking about tracks in general, the best spot to practice is somewhere you can see the car from a distance. For a street race like Toronto Indy that may be difficult, especially with fence in the way. If you have places to do head on shot, those would look quite nice too especially if you got a lens with big aparture and you can really make the car stand out with good usage of depth of field. I highly recommand going to Mosport during their labour day AmericanLe Mans series weekend. The track is old school, little to no fencing and long sightline with real terrain andelevation changes. Makes for really dramatic shots, and you get much better view to watch the race AND practice shooting race cars....

About panning, I started out with aparture priority with a little bit of tracking at faster shutter speed to capture the car. Thats how I got the Toyota shot, then I tried with slower shutter speed as I would with a regular panning shot, since I got a very little window to work with between 2 trees it wasn't as simple as a straight pan, but I got by.

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