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Trojansoc Apr 18, 2007 9:28 PM

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We had a make-up match this afternoon....first time we've gotten to deal with a hot sun. We started at ISO-800, but blew out the highlights

Trojansoc Apr 18, 2007 9:29 PM

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Cranked the ISO down to 400 and saw immediate improvement

Trojansoc Apr 18, 2007 9:31 PM

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This was the first match we shot with a Sony HGD-1758 teleconverter attached on the front of the Fuji s6000 lens. The necessary lens support bracket meant that we were limited to full zoom, but it upped the percentage of usable shots, including ones like this goalkeeper dive to take the ball off the foot of a forward

Trojansoc Apr 18, 2007 9:32 PM

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Shot #4

DRGSin Apr 19, 2007 12:09 PM

Nicely done Trojan. Great timing and nice tight cropping. A little leveling and post processing and you'll have some really niceshots there. Are there any more?

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