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kirby Sep 28, 2010 8:28 AM

first Golf outing
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again another cloudy day ...and like a dumby i only brought the 55-250 lens..i was worried about to fast of shutter speeds didnt want them to dark...but here's couple

JohnG Sep 28, 2010 9:27 AM

Golf can be a tricky sport to shoot. First and foremost, it's generally frowned upon to take a shot during the swing and prior to contact as the shutter is distracting. Up to you and your friends to decide if that rule should apply. The other challenge with taking a shot during a drive is you really don't get a good view of the face. For both these reasons, classic golf shots tend to be during follow-thru from down course - don't interrupt the swing and you get the face in the image. chips are great for this because you can get the ball still in the frame and get the face. Now, your friends may be interested in shots like this from an instructional point to judge form - but video will do a better job of instruction.

All that aside, you did a good job of timing to keep the ball in the frame. of the 3, shot 2 works the best - it has the best background, best skin tones, best view of face. The blown sky in shot 1 really hurts and the background in shot 3 just isn't as nice. To that end, if you're forced to shoot during harsh lighting you want to pick the holes to shoot on so you have trees in the background instead of sky and shooting at max focal length will help blur those unsightly backgrounds even more. If you have great lighting in morning/evening and the course is a nice one, the backgrounds can add - but most of us aren't playing at Augusta so the backgrounds are usually more of a distraction than an addition. Hope this helps somewhat.

kirby Sep 28, 2010 9:49 AM

point's well takin john...well we usaully have a company hog roast every year ..then last year we decided to have a golf outing instead ...soo it was more of a test run for me to see what worked best and most of us were 3 sheets to the wind lol...but it was fun year should be alot better and maybe i wont drink so much either lol

frank-in-toronto Sep 28, 2010 2:15 PM

Unless you're photographing pros, I'd be using a tripod and remote for pics in front of the golfer. Up close pics like you did can be taken with a quiet p&s. Everybody likes pictures of themselves and the duff shots are funny later on. Pull out the dslr and long lens for the fairway. Maybe set up at a par 4 and get several shots of each player as they come in. Bring a chair. and i would bring a monopod too. I'd say you need to speak with the course manager first. they usually frown on non-payers being out on the course. some friendly tournaments that i play in, i just stop playing and drive my cart around. the organizer and i speak beforehand and he knows i'll take pics so i get put in a threesome and get my own cart. no booze on-board.

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