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I'm sure it varies by location but I've never heard of flash photography being outlawed for basketball. Quite a number of states ban it for volleyball, I don't know of any place that allows it for gymnastics. But flash use for basketball has been discussed in other forum sites and I don't recall anyone mentioning it not being allowed. Doesn't mean there aren't places that don't.

When in doubt, it's always best to check with officials - ESPECIALLY if you're shooting from the floor.
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rinniethehun wrote:
If I had a son playing high school basketball...and he went to the foul line, shooting a one-and-one at the end of a game, with a chance to tie or win that game...and some moron fired a million candlepower flash right in his eyes, just as he was about to release the first shot...and he missed...I pity the photographer...
WOW! Funny you should mention that. I was recently shooting a HS basketball game and the mother of one of the students said that she was thrilled to see me not using a flash (I shoot from the baseline). She told that at a prior game the photographer from the local paper was behind the basket with a shoe mounted flash and whenever her son was trying to make free throws he blew everyone because of the flash. IMO the coach should have said something.
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wow, I stand corrected. i guess there are more idiots out there than I suspected. LOL
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