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I'll jump into the fray a bit even if it's late.. I absolutely agree with John and Mark. I use Av to get the camera dialed in then switch to Manual - unless there is a ton of movement with clouds. Sports shooters to shoot continuously, but in almost all sports there is plenty of time to review your shots, delete junk and verify that your exposures are where you want them. Is it something else to remember? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

As for your shots, there is definite improvement. Keep posting and asking for advice. Try everything and do what works for you. For these shots in particular, aside from the exposure, watch your focus. When you are getting this close, you need to be sure it is super-sharp on the subject. Also, be sure that there is a clear subject identified - some may be the ball-carrier, others may be the tackler, others may be both (moment of impact). But if you look at a shot and can't decide what which it is, you've got work to do.

Keep up the work!
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Let me ask you this: Let's take pic 1 & 4. In 1, am I tight enough, too tight? I know it's not as sharp as I would like. Where should my focal point be? on the ball carriers chest, face or somewhere else?

In photo 4. Should I have backed up a little bit and shot his whole body? and if so, where should my focal point be?

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Shot 1: The biggest issues here are that it is less than sharp and it's underexposed. From a framing perspective you've cut off the ankle and below. So a little looser framing would have worked BUT if you had the sharpness you could crop even tighter on this shot - basically at the runner's knee. You'd still have arms/faces and it would be a strong shot. That's the beauty of shooting tight - if you frame tightly in-camera with a sharp lens you'll have plenty of detail to go from full body to partial body crops.

Now - ideally focusing on faces is best. BUT, that's not reality. Reality is - with your camera you must use center focus point. If you put that on the face your framing will be terrible. Also you're not dealing with razor thin dof. Put the focus point on the lower portion of the numbers and you'll be fine. You'll get better framing and you'll have plenty of DOF for the face to be in focus.

shot 4: I love tight shots. This shot could work this tight or full body. When you're close enough for a tight shot - take it. Plenty of opportunity for full body shots but shooting tight like this (once you get a sharper lens) will give you wonderful detail. It also improves your skill keeping them in the frame. But again it should be one extreme or the other - either this tight OR full body - no cut off feet.

Focus point should always be on your main subject - in this case the ball carrier. Right at the chest area.
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Ok so my iPhone is too slow to keep looking back at photos to make comments then when I think I've got the points to say John has posted already and covered the key areas to his usual standard.
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Thanks so much for everyones time. I really appreciate it. Hopefully I can be out this weekend for some more practice.

Thanks again!!!
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Hi Wolverine, I've only just noticed the theme on this thread & I'm glad a calmer head of John & Mark chipped in before me
As to the pics they are a little over exposed TBO & a tadge soft, (probably due either to the crop or off focus), however the initial instinct is there., so keep posting & you'll get there.
I have to say that if you take the advice of Bruceware then you'll end up a 2nd rate shooter who won't know his arse from his elbow!. Av is great, don't get me wrong & I shoot it too!, however the art of sports photography is knowing what matches the, A, shutter speed , B, the apature!, & C the Exposure for the previous 2!, this is only possible if you learn the manual aspect of the field!!, it's not rocket science but it is an aquired art which once learnt becomes second nature after a while!. Look forward to your results. Kind regards Graham.
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