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Default Football 2nd Try

I think these are better than last week and that I am on the right track. They still aren't perfect but I think my exposure is getting better. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all of your help.

I do have one question...Do they seem just a little noisy or not really sharp? Is this a focus problem with me or could my iso be too high or what might cause this?
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#3 looks like a 5 Yard Penalty!

Once again, there's no EXIF Data.

It looks like the sky was a little overcast, which helps.

Using the grass to gauge the focus, it looks like you're getting a good depth of field.

The exposure looks good, and if you see much noise (I don't), I think you can get away with slowing down the shutter speed a little in order to use a lower ISO setting.

And, again, try to keep the Sun at your back. That keeps the faces illuminated.
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Thanks T Cav. Do they look a little out of focus or is it just me? Also, the field runs North and South and spectators are only allowed on the West side of the field so battling the sun is a little difficult. Should I use a center focus to take these types of pics. Also, how do I get the exif info so you can see it?

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to answer your question - yes they do not look sharp. There are several potential causes.. First, how do the images as they appear on this site compare to the images on your computer? If you post an image that is too large here the site automatically re-sizes it and quality suffers quite a bit when that occurs.

If that is not the case we have to look at other options:
what camera and lens did you use? As tcav indicated there is a lot of DOF which often is indicative of consumer grade lenses. Inexpensive telephoto lenses are often quite poor at long focal length. Additionally if you've cropped heavily that will be a problem. Then there's the issue of - what was your camera focusing on? Was it focusing on a player or the grass or something else? Did the camera and lens track the player well? And then finally there's the matter of what type of sharpening was performed in post processing. Most DSLRs produce less than sharp results out of camera at default settings - especially given the challenge of sports shooting. Then there's the matter of technique. So, if you want to diagnose what may have happened - let's do that with shots 3 and 4. If you can provide the EXIF information (need shutter speed, aperture, focal length, what focus mode was used, which focus points were enabled) for those shots AND the original images where the only processing done was to resize for posting (i.e. un-cropped) - that will show us how much you're cropping AND where the focus points were likely to have been. We can go from there.
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