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Mark1616 Oct 24, 2006 5:43 PM

Using multi point could cause focus problems for the reason Steven mentions and I have never shot in it. Especially with your 30D the points are quite a long way apart so unless your subject is filling a lot of the viewfinder it can be very easy for the camera to be 'tricked' and select something else. There are some shots where I will select one of the points to allow AI Servo to still be used but I generally find the other AF points to be a little 'weaker' than the centre one. Oh just thought I can't comment 100% on your question Tammie as I have as yet not shot soccer but yes, centre would still be my choice. Using the AF Lock is difficult in sport shooting as unless you are using a wide aperture then you will soon be out of focus.

Have you posted anything recently as I have not seen it?!

Tamsfam Oct 25, 2006 12:47 PM

Well guys thanks for the response....Its always helpful to know what others do. I have flipped between All and single focus during football....mostly because sometimes I am not fast enough to catch the action at centre point.... so using all has worked pretty well as long as I am taking up more than half the frame. Anyway after reading your post I was curious.

I havent posted much to the site here cause I have been busy with geting "my" site up for the parents.

so you can take a look there....some are better tahn others but I have sold a few!:cool:

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