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Okay everyone I think this time I did better..... Your feedback would be great!

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Just thought I'd reply in-forum with some of the things we discussed as maybe others are just starting out like you.

First of all - nice work, you're definitely getting better. As I pointed out though, shooting the photos is only 1/2 the work - the other half is processing them. I took 2 minutes to apply some levels work, USM and noise reduction.

Also as mentioned, you cut off feet and head. This is due primarily to shooting in landscape mode - it's why I recommend more use of portrait orientation when shooting. Given the fact feet were already missing I did a re-crop to emphasize what's left - the faces and the ball.

Finally, if your choices are use the TC and get 1/320 - it's time to take it off and get better shutter speeds.

That and stop using negative EC - you're not going to blow highlights at a night football game and the more levels work you need to do at high ISO the worse the noise will be. So, at high ISO you do not want to underexpose.

Yep - as you're finding out - this takes work. It's not just buying expensive gear. Yes you need the expensive gear to do good sports work - especially night football. But it takes a lot of skill and hard work too! You're definitely getting better. If you're willing to do the mundane part now - editing - you have some definite potential.

Good second shoot!!!

Here are the results:

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Great advice and thanks again for the feedback. I will keep working at it and posting photos for comment. I appreciate the feedback as it has ALL been very helpful. I have the Varsity game tonight so we will see what I can come up with. I will also work on learning more of the edit process.

As you have stated, it looks alot easier than it truly is!

Love the edited version......aside from the cut off feet and head, I am very happy with the shot. big difference to me from where I started.

Thanks again!
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Your getting betterPractice, practice practice
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