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vsch1 Jan 22, 2006 6:07 PM

We are more than halfway thru the season andI am finallyseeing some improvement in my photographs. I took 2 thatI am particularly pleased with today. I wish the ref would have gotten his butt out of the one picture though. I am always open to suggestions and critique since I am very new to this and learning more everyday from this site.

By the way, these are girls on a 12 and under team. Photos taken thru plexiglass.

klfatcj Jan 22, 2006 9:07 PM

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The way everyone is bunched up and travelling in the same direction on the second reminds me of roller derby (I swear I only watched it once or twice when I was a kid). Good action on the first. They were really mixing it up.

Some suggestions - the ice fools the camera into underexposing most pictures. There is more bright white than there would be on an average picture. Try overexposing the shots or using curves on photoshop to brighten the white. (Either play with the curve til you like what you see or use the eye dropper tool in curves and click on something you know is white.) I only did a quick edit and over did the ice a bit so most of the foreground is blown, but the skaters are brighter - using layers and a bit more time and it would look better. I also use a bit of shadow and highlight correction. The exposure in the second looks pretty good.

I would also crop it a bit. The right side of the picture doesn't add anything and since the ref's head is already cut off, crop even more. The player out of the play on the left could also probably be cropped, although you loose the ends of the sticks - I'm not really sure which looks better.

Nice shots.


vsch1 Jan 23, 2006 6:03 AM

Thanks very much Kevin....sometimes I use auto enhance contrast and sometimes the eyedropper...chose the contrast this time. I like your crop very much, brings the faces out abit more.

Now the line of skaters.....I was surprised with the way that picture turned out. The middle skater has the puck and they weren't nearly as bunched up as the picture suggests. But I was pleased I was able to freeze the action as well as I did.

Thanks again for you helpful comments and improvements!

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