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Default Goal tending at its best.

First of all, hats off to the coach.

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Welcome to the sports forum. Always good to see new shooters here. For a first time shooting with your new DSLR I think you've done very well. Here are some thoughts on the photos:

1) I like the composition of this shot. It's a bit crooked (look for vertical lines in the photos they're a good indication). The shot is a bit soft - it looks like it might have been framed much wider and cropped down. When you do that, edges have a tendancy to get 'thicker' and you lose fine detail.

2) I like the concept of this shot as well. Exposure is good as his face is properly exposed. I think the shot would work better if you had moved a bit more to your right so you got more of his face. Also, arm seems to be in better focus than the face. When shooting tight you want to be sure the focus is on the face - that's what is most important - especially in a tight crop like this. Applying some Un Sharp Mask (USM) would improve this shot (note: 99% of all my photos have USM applied).

3) A good shot. It's a little crooked - but that's easily fixed (again, look at the vertical lines behind your subject). It's also underexposed - the face should be properly exposed. That's tough to do - you either need to use Exposure Compensation (EC), shoot in manual (my preference) or adjust exposure in post processing (last resort because you'll end up with more noise). I also think the shot would benefit from him being moved more to the back of the frame. It's more visually appealing to have empty space in front of your subject rather than behind them. If you want the goal for context then move to your left more. But as it is there's too much dead space between the goalie and the net. Again, some USM would improve the shot

4) The weakest of the series. The shot is very much underexposed and it isn't sharp. BUT, the framing is much better than shot 3 - not so much dead space behind the goalie. So, there is something good and something to be improved upon in each of 3 and 4.

All in all, for a first time you did very well. You're shots are cropped nice and tight. With the exception of the last shot, all are in good focus. Just get your exposures up, try not to over-crop and straighten your shots and you'll be doing fine.
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