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lomitamike Sep 20, 2009 7:32 PM

Growing with granddaughter (youth soccer)
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Well it's finally happened. I now have a grandkid old enough to play in organized sports. So she's learning soccer and I'm learning how to shoot soccer. Because of this forum and all the people willing to give advice I really have an advantage from the start. So here's our first attempts.
These games are only 30 minutes long so there are very few chances to get "the" shot. C&C welcome

Camera- Sony A700
Lens- Tamron 200-500
EXIFs in photos.

griffina6 Sep 20, 2009 10:32 PM

Hey Mike.

Very cute grand daughter!

I like this kind of shot of the small kids. As far as comments go, the first seems more focused on the second girl while the second and third are better with #2 being the sharpest.

The colors look good. Also, to me the shots look exposed well except for the shadowed faces.

If the league is like ours you may be restricted to the same side of the field as your team. But if not I try to get my back to the sun as much as possible which helps to light up the faces but it is tough in bright sun.

Thanks for sharing,

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