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How can I improve my photo.

first two pics are with a sigma 70-200 f2.8,3200 iso, 400 speed.
last two with canon 85mm 1.8, shot at 2.2, 3200 iso, 640 speed.
I have a Canon 20d
any advice would greatly helpful
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superb pics. 3200 asa ! With film i was limited to 800asa. Used to enjoy using fill in flash.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Fill in flash can produce excellent blurred action. The difficulty though is working out the correct mix/balance.

the flash needs to slightly override the ambient light exposure, so that the flash freezes part ofthe action. Shutter speed needs to be slow enough to allow blurred movement of parts of the action. Trial and error. When it works it works well.
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What PP did you do on these? The first two are a tad soft but if you haven't yet applied USM that will be a big improvement. Other than that the framing is a bit akward. In shot 1 she's pushed to the right of the frame with a good amount of dead space at top and left. Shot 2 the problem is the dead space at the top vs. cropped off legs. If you cropped this photo I would suggest going back to the original and doing a landscape crop on it

shot 3 has no ball so it's really not an interesting shot.

shot 4 is probably the sharpest but still not as sharp as I would expect - again, if no USM was applied that's the culprit. But you've got some uninteresting dead space behind the player. I realize to focus the player wil be in the center of the frame. But when you process the photos you need to crop and adjust the framing to make the result work better.

WB on all looks pretty good.

Softness could also be an issue of using ISO 3200. Especially with the 85mm, drop down to 1/400 and drop your ISO back to 1600 - with the reduction in noise you'll end up with sharper photos.

I would advise sticking with the 85 over the sigy. I had the exact setup you're shooting with last year. The sigma is just a tad too slow to focus - especially compared to the 85and the 20d just does a much better job at 1600 than at 3200.

So, in summary:

1. Apply proper USM if you haven't already

2. Fix framing when you crop

3. Shoot with the 85 at ISO 1600
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Nothing was done to the pics except down sized. See what you think with the pp added.



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