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My objective is to purchase a digital camera for less than $600 that can takeaction shotsof high school basketball in gyms with low level lighting & without using a flash. I realize that is a tough assignment & that the pictures for this price range will not compare to those of a digital SLR. I am considering the 10x zooms, a Canon S1SI & Olympus C-765, but am also looking at a Olympus 5060 with only a 4x zoom but with better low light capabilities. Please send me your comments and/or recommendations.

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ummm.... well as long as none of the players are moving you might be able to do it for under $600... LOL! Without using a flash getting a descent action picture require fast lens ($$$) and high ISO (noise)....
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good luck ,lol

ive taken pics for 4 years and low light shots of action are really hard.

There better be good white light in there.

Ive taken them with my camera olympus E100rs and the rebel and with out a flash you will get big time blur on most gyms. my kids have played bball and volleyball in gyms all around and its a must to have bright lighting or a upscale camera with a great lens to even get a decend shot. Ive used the new kodak with 14meg. and it had a big flash out from the side , i did get great shots with it.

Good luck !

here are some indoor pics


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Spiderman, unfortunately action and sports photography, especially indoors, is perhaps the most demanding environment cash wise. It takes an extremely fast lens and a good sized sensor to get shots that are comparable to what the pros do. Unfortunately, money is the mitigating factor in this type of shooting. It's costly and no short cuts are allowed. Some of the newer non-DSLR cameras are coming up with some good stuff but IMHO I honestly don't think it's possible to get really good photographs indoors in sports without spending some money on something with a larger sensor, the Rebel being perhaps the lower end of the choices and something like the Mark II being at the higher end presently.

Of course, with DSLR's the lens cannot be neglected. You can have a Rebel and be in the ball park but if you have an inexpensive lens you probably won't be fast enough to stop good action without increasing the ISO beyond hope for something really acceptable. It's a frustrating world. You need to spend money to get what you want, and then when you get what you want you want more. Perhaps it isn't a technical thing so much as a philosophical thing...
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