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AntD80 Jan 3, 2009 12:39 PM


Any feed would be great. thanks

mod edit to put carriage return after each photo

JohnG Jan 4, 2009 9:54 AM

Hi and welcome to the sports forum. I made a small edit to your post to put a carriage return after each photo so they weren't running left to right on the same line.

As for the photos it's very difficult to determine quality with such small photos - if you have a slightly larger version of these photos - something like this - it is much easier to see whether shots are in focus, sharp, etc.

My initial reaction is you've caught some nice action so your shot selection is good. But the first thing that jumps out is that you're shooting down on your subjects - you don't want to do that - you want to shoot UP. So you want to be on the sidelines kneeling or sitting. In fact I'm guessing by looking at these that you were in the stands or standing on a ladder so I'm guessing the stands. Which tells me these images are heavily cropped since your exif showsa 200mm lens. You'll need to get MUCH closer to get quality shots with a 200mm lens. A lens like that has a working distance of about 25 yards. You're much farther away than that. The idea is to capture FACES - faces tell the story. They humanize the sport.

Also, you've still got a good amount of motion blur in your shots and you were at a low ISO. Don't be afraid to go up to ISO 800 if need be.

So, to summarize:

1. You need to get much, much closer

2. Shoot from a lower position

3. Use faster shutter speeds when you can - you were still at a low ISO so bump it up.

4. Post larger photos.

Are you going to be shooting any other sports or just football? As football season is obviously over it will be a long time before you can practice shooting football so just curious if you'll be shooting any other sports before then.

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