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Default Hs basketball--my first attempt

Tried my hand at some shooting some high school basketball earlier today and am not sure what to make of the results. I tried to remember the many tips provided on this forum..all I can say is that I have a healthy respect for sports photographers!

In spite of using a fast lens (70-200 f2.8), and a ISO 1600, I found that the shutter speeds did not seem fast enough at times. At ISO1600, noise was getting visible. These images have had NR applied. Camera was set to Aperture Priority in order to keep the aperture wide open.

All images were shot in Raw and adjusted in PSE 8.

I would like any C&C's on these images and any input as to what else I can try.

John G, if you are "listening", would appreciate your comments as well!

Av=2.8; Sv=1/1000 ISO=1600

Av=2.8; Sv=1/400; ISO =1600

Av= 2.8; Sv=1/640 ; ISO = 1600

You can see motion blur in the ball on this one

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I think this is an impressive set. I think some would like to see a lower perspective more from the court floor but sometime you can not be in the best position. The muscle definition in the leg on #1 is also impressive. Nice capture on the jump in #2 with some blurring in the hand, but the people in the stands is a bit distracting. Over all I think these a very nice.

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For a first time you did very well. I'm also not a huge fan of shooting down on basketball - my preference is to shoot as low as allowed. You've got pretty decent sharpness here and some action - good. Probably a bit too much noise reduction though - getting close to a plastic look. I'd suggest a little less NR. If you used the camera's NR turn it off and use something like Noiseware, Noise Ninja or neatimage - they do a much better job than in-camera or a lot of included NR in basic software. Also, the colors are IMO oversaturated, so tone that down a bit.

I really like that last shot though - very cool! Again, for a fist time you did really good!!
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Tom: Thanks for your comments. I wondered how to increase the blur the spectators in #2 -- I was shooting wide open and was expecting a shallower depth-of field.

John: Thanks also for your feedback. Re. location, I had access to the floor on the side across from the teams as well as at the baskets. However, with the 70-200, I seemed to be too close to be able to track the action (partly my inexperience with trying to anticipate where the action would be going next). I think a 24-70mm f/2.8 might have come in handy here.

The in-camera NR (on my D300s) is set to Normal. I'll try it with it turned off. I take it that it's normal to have some noise for unprocessed images? Should I try to shoot at a faster ISO? I use Noiseware with the NR settings set to "weaker".

As for that last shot, I got tired of missing most of the action on the floor, so I thought I'd concentrate on a different aspect of the game

Thank you to the both of you for your critiques...notes taken and will give it another try soon!
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