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tdgm1 Nov 10, 2006 12:47 AM

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Photo 2 Canon 30D 70-200 F2.8 Non IS F2.8 1/400 ISO 1250 Not processed

Mark1616 Nov 10, 2006 4:17 AM

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As with the first pic this is also under exposed so I have done a quick edit for you where I have boosted shadows and midtones. I have also reduced noise and then re-sized so I can post here.

Also it is a shame that the ball is not in shot as this would turn it into an interesting shot.

Keep on shooting and practise practise practise.


JohnG Nov 10, 2006 6:53 AM

The lack of a ball hurts the shot from a composition standpoint.

From a technical standpoint the underexposure ruins it. Mark did a decent job trying to correct the shot - but the correction illustrates a huge problem with underexposing: correcting the exposure brought out a LOT of noise. The amount of noise reduction applied removed too much detail (don't know if it was because so much noise was present or Mark just did a quick and dirty job of noise removal) - but when you look at the skin and the grass they both look like plastic.

You've GOT to get the exposure closer in-camera. No way is 1/400 ISO 1250 enough for most HS stadiums without a flash. This is again at least a stop underexposed.

Typically, unless it's an incredibly bright stadium I'm shooting 2.8, 1/400 and ISO 3200.

But, keep practicing. Getting a better exposure will be your biggest help. As for capturing peak action, that will come with time. That's the challenge with sports photography. Even if you nail everything technically (exposure, focus, tight framing) the image still has to be interesting to work well. That takes practice. Keep at it - you'll get there.

Mark1616 Nov 10, 2006 6:57 AM

John it was quick and very dirty noise reduction!!! I only used the most basic reduction in PSP which is to say the least crude. Just wanted to give a rough idea with this for TGDM to have a think about. I would suggest using on of the specific packages (as you know) such as noiseware, noise ninja, neat image etc.

tdgm1 Nov 11, 2006 12:44 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. Will increase the ISO. If continues what do I need to do to prevent underexposing????

Will also work on PP.

Will post other at another time.

Thanks again


StevenC Nov 11, 2006 4:46 AM

Well you can't really go any lower to stop the action than 1/400 unless you are panning or have a monopod, but I reckon an ISO increase will be fine.

As a side - I go as low as 1/250 with my monopod braced when shooting soccer and although "moving" parts are blurred, it can create a nice image. Maybe give it a try?

If worst comes to worst, a bit of post production to brighten the image up coupled with a pass through a noise filter should hold you in good stead.

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