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From time to time in this forum the question of what a high end point and shoot camera can do shooting sports at night has been discussed. As one who has now used both, Friday night I was presented with a unique opportunity to compare when one of the assistants I use to shoot at home wanted to shoot a road game. I didn't want to give up my opportunity to shoot, so I let her use my s6000. Thus, we had the same lighting, the same uniforms, etc. for a comparison. She got some impressive shots.

However, the quality of her images held up only as long as there was no motion. Any time there was the slightest motion, significant blurring occurred. The only action shot that she got was this one....shot at a point two linemen were in equilibrium.

Meanwhile, I was getting shots like this

Even with my little 135mm f2.8 MF lens. This is the quarterback turning the corner on an 85 yard TD run

Not to be outdone, the tailback broke this one for 91 yards.

I also never would have gotten this one except through pure, blind luck because of shutter lag (OK, the timing was pretty lucky anyway, lol)

I have always been one of the defenders of the P&S for sports shooting. My DSLR shots with the short MF lens aren't where I'd like them to be, but I think I have convinced myself that the s6000 is going to be used for sideline and daylight work only from now on.

(BTW....flickr stripped the EXIF off the photos, but each of the DSLR shots was between 1/250th and 1/400th with EV stepped down to -0.3 to get faster shutter speed. The Fuji was wide open at f4.9 shooting in Aperture mode with a resultant shutter speed of 1/60th in the first shot and 1/135th in the second. Both cameras were at ISO 1600. I didn't really notice the significant noise in the Fuji shots until posting here. In my editor, they appeared relatively clean.)

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hey trojan,

those look great, i just wish more american football would be played in the day time, i would like to try it again, but at night and terrible lighting i'm not going to waste my time.
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What a diff. That is why I sold my s9000 and went to a Canon 30d DSLR. When it comes to action, day or night the DSLR wins everytime, if in the hands of the right person. :-)

I am still trying to be that person! Never realized how hard it would be to get a great shot. Reminds me of golf, looks so darn easy and really is untill you want to get better at it.

Nice shots! I enoy your pics that you post. Keep it up!

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John, check out Pop Warner teams in your area, for me watching kids play is better than watching pros play..

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