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I figured out the posting. ( except for alignment sorry.. still working on it, All of these images were shot between 3200 and 6400 ISO usig a 70-200mm 2.8 non IS lens, or...a 135 2.0 prime, or an 85 1.8 primeusing my new 5d Mark 2. This was my first real outing with her and I think the images are outstanding considering the high ISO I was using. I did seem to be out of position all night. Could be because I was busy playing with all of the new buttons.

C&C always welcome. I need to learn.. Teach me folks... How am I doin?[/align]
[align=left]What are the groups impressions of the 5dMK2 noise at these ISOs? What canyou all recommend to make me a better shooter?Reality bites, soI am asking all of you to bite me.. hehe.so to speak of course.






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I would say the noise at these ISO's is acceptable.

Some of your shots look overexposed so you could probably crank down the ISO by a stop and still get a decently exposed photo.

Your shots have imagination. It's just a matter of moving around, trying different focal lengths, different framing etc.-refining your technique.
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The exif of the shots might help to get a better idea

IMO though some PP could help more, histogram equalise, unsharp mask

and a little noise reduction to get this edit

Attached Images
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Excellent advise folks....I agree that some were overexposed but for some reason, I have a tendency to lean that way....

I like the PP done.. As I mentioned, I wanted everyone to see waht these images looked like right out of the camera....

Thanks again.

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I noticed in some of your pictures there are very high stands. I myself have gone to the top and shot from there getting faces looking up at the ball as it falls or bounces from the rim. I was using a 300mm lens get in tight. BTW no foot zooming. It's deadly
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