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Africa gave me advice regarding how to pull the runner out of the background of a shot.

I followed his advice, and magic lasso'd the runner and brought up the brightness and saturation.

For the background, I slightly darkened, decreased the saturation, and applied a little Gausian blur.

I printed it and showed it to the family and they thought it was a definite improvement to the original.

The photo has a little bit of a 1950's post card look (which I like).

As for the technicality of the photo:

-the runner isn't in 100 percent focus

- there's a little bit of distraction above the runner's head and the official walking in the background

- You can see some lassing crap around the runners hands and legs, etc. but doesn't show up on the printed photo.

Other than that, I think the kid's parents are going to like the photo as a gift (4x6 freebee).

I probably need some improvement on my lassoing skills but even the one hour I spent on it improved my skills by 300 percent.

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Pretty cool. I never thought about it looking like an old postcard. Those were usually shot in B&W then hand colored before being mass printed.

I had to giggle a little bit because I could see where the lasso went off track. That's easily corrected: AFTER using the magic (magnetic?) lasso go to the regular lasso. I always increase the photo to 100 percent for this fine tuning.

Subtract - If you want to subtract some areas it 'grabbed', hold down the Alt key and encircle that area with the mouse. Let go of both the mouse and Alt key and voila, it's gone. You should see a minus sign when you hold down the Alt key.

Add - Same proceedure but hold down the Shift key and encircle areas it missed.

Hopefuly this will imporve your cowboys skills another 300% in just a few minutes.

Good Luck - Africa

You may already know but once you have captured an area you can treat it like a stand alone photograph, ANY manipulation goes - blur/sharp, color, contrast. light/dark, sepia, filters, etc.... Warning: It can be fun and creative - but is easily abused.
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Yah, I think what will help me is if I magnify the image more.

I found out I can hit the delete key and it will remove wayward tracks.

I printed this photo at 4x6 and the off track lasso stuff didn't show up.

Yes, I've been using the other manipulations on each of the areas.

Not sure why one would want to use layers. Any idea on that?

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Terry are you new at this, I think it is a good attempt. Keep trying Sir. :G Regards. Jaki.
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Well, I'm certainly new to lasso'ing and tweaking.

I've been doing other adjustments using RAWSHOOTER and ELEMENTS for some time now, ie. cropping, light&contrast adjustments, saturation, etc. etc.

Generally I see myself as being somewhat graphically challenged.

Anything to do with lasso'ing and layers I've somewhat avoided.

The paper I shoot for prints 200 DPI black and white, where the average image is printed about 2 inches by 2 inches.

So any heavy duty tweaking wouldn't make much difference.

But it's fun to play round with shots I'm printing out for the parents, to do more of a "post card" job on them ie. so they havea much more special photo to be framed that would be beyond what they could take or post-process themselves.

I don't charge for printing photos for people, but I have a heck of a lot of favors I can call in on in my home town!


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