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Default Intramural Basketball

they have a little motion blur, i was at 1/500 instead of 1/640 realized this after the games....

iso 3200
f 1.8
focal 85mm
shutter 1/500









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Welcome back. I see you're trying all different sports. As a general note I suggest numbering your photos so people can reference the number in their feedback. I've edited your post to add numbers to these.

WB is a bit off - did you shoot RAW? If not, the exif shows you used auto WB so I would suggest setting a custom WB. In general the biggest issue in these shots is it appears you shot action too far away and overcropped some to compensate.
shot 1: not much interesting here. Player isn't sharp and the there's a lot of dead space. Looks like a free throw - in general try to steer clear of them as they're not very interesting.

Shot 2: Probably the closest to sharp of the bunch but still not there. This is the troubling part of using an 85mm 1.8 lens - this is a bit too far away for sharp results. 25 feet is about the max.

shot 3: Nice action but too much dead space and again lacking sharpness - a result of it being too far away.

shot 4: again a lack of sharpness hurts the shot. The light just off the one player's forehead is a distraction and the timing is such that it's unclear exactly what's going on.

shot 5; again a lot of dead space. Tip offs are tough to make interesting. You've got good timing on this shot but the one player's face is covered and the shot is loose so it lacks impact. You need a longer lens so you can focus more in on the faces/ball and have the torsos to ball filling the frame.

shot 6: focus is off. Looks to be front focused (the hand in bottom left of frame is sharper than the player)

shot 7: severe back focus. Defender waiting is sharper than player. If you're not using a single focus point you should be - that will help prevent some of these front/back focus issues. Also try to get the timing closer to release. Even if focus was on in this - all the empty space would be distracting. Try and capture the ball closer to release so you can keep the frame tight and not have as much dead space.

shot 8: again unsure what's going on here. Was it a shot or a pass. The shooter has too much shadow in his face and #42 really competes for the viewer's attention but he's not really doing anything.

shot 9: kind of a random snapshot. Lots of backs. Also a good amount of noise and not much detail in your main subject - or what I'm assuming is the main subject based upon his being the only face. When looking for shots like this, look for emotion. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. Even if sharp and noise free there's not much emotion on the player you can see so it's difficult to be interested in it.

Again, welcome to the sports forum - always good to see a new poster here. I think if you concentrate on some of the closer action and stay within that 25 feet and use a single focus point you'll see some improvements in the sharpness of your images.

Thanks for sharing.
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thanks for the #'ing and the c&c, really will try to use what you said, im actually looking at a 50 1.8 at the moment, so i can get closer, but still get full action shots, and all these are straight off the camera, besides 8, did a little pp on it.

thanks again,
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