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Originally Posted by SamG View Post

I can't pull up the EXIF data... what kind of zoom, f-stop, and shutter are you using?

Those are hyperlinks, so if you left-click once on them, a window should open up with the image on my Smugmug website. You then can just place your curser over the picture and click the "photo info" option that pops up and see the details. I would just give you a link here but I'm at the office right now and Smugmug is a filtered site by management.

I was using an Olympus 50-200 f2.8-3.5 zoom. With the 2x ratio of the Olympus system vs. the 1.5x of your Nikon outfit, it's the equivalent field of view of a 100-400 lens on a 35mm film or full frame digital camera. That particular lens is also weather sealed, which makes it a great option for shooting in bad weather. I try to keep my shutter speeds as fast as possible most of the time so typically have the aperture either wide open or no more than 1-2 stops closed down. Depending on the light, the ISO's wind up ranging anywhere from 200-1000.

Our thoroughbred season runs April-July and those two images were taken last season. I've been out 3 days this season and so far and we've had good weather, but you can bet the first time we don't, if I can get out there, I will! I usually post quite a few images during the season, but in a different forum..



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