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I wish I did have some tips - I've had a District softball game I've been trying to shoot all week and it's been postponed 3 times.

But, if you're going to continue to shoot sports - not all games will be cancelled. I suggest getting rain gear for your camera - the Kata E702 is a great kit - sells for $55 at B&H. It will fit your camera and current lens. If you ever buy a bigger lens you can get extension hoods for $60. I just ordered the extension hoods because it was a tight fit with the base 702 and my 120-300 lens. I could pull it off but it was akward.

For noiseware pro, do you use the batch or the Photoshop plugin?

If plugin - try these values (should be able to set batch to these as well):

1. Select 'weaker noise' profile

2. Drop the 'noise supression' Luminous and Color sliders to around 50%

3. Move the 'Noise level Adjustment' sliders up to about 50% for both color and luminous.

4. Adjust upwards to 60-70% if necessary. If you have to do much more then you probably had a shot that was too underexposed and you needed too much levels adjustments. If you're shooting ISO 1600, you want the picture to be as properly exposed in-camera as possible even if it means sacrificing some shutter speed to do it. It may mean not being able to get bat/ball shots because you're below 1/1000 but you end up with a much more useable image.
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