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Default Military Track Championships

At a meet that brought together the service academy teams, Citadel, and VMI, and also included exhibition events for wounded warriors training with the US Paralympic Team

All shot with Canon 7D and EF 70-200mm F4L IS
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Nice action shots, you froze the action quite well and good facial contact with the subject.
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Looks like a good event to shoot and you've done well with exposure.

Man, I wouldn't want to argue with the female AF runner, she looks solid!!

My favorite photo is the 3rd from last (if you number the shots, it's easier ) with the two male runners. The dof is much more pleasing that some of the others and you seem to be shooting from a seated/kneeling position which is much better.

I like the high jump, but it is either slightly out of focus or the dof is too narrow, I can't tell from this size.

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed seeing something different as we don't get much track stuff here. Do you shot much other sports stuff, would be great to see more sports photographers here?
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Great to see a new poster in the sports forum. You've got some good shots here.

shot 1: strong facial expression and good action. But I would tighten up the framing - crop off the top and left - want space for him to run into at the bottom right of the frame but the top left is distracting background.

shot 2: again, get rid of all the dead space. The background doesn't add to the 'story' but distracts from your subject.

shot 3: focus is a bit off here, and you want to get the shot closer to release. Easier said than done to be sure.

shot 4: great timing and sharper than #3. Background is a bit distracting - shallower dof would help, and it's a bit underexposed. But not so much that you couldn't correct in post processing.

shot 5: great timing. Nicely framed and background distractions are minimized. Also a bit underexposed though - but again, it can be corrected.

shot 6: the one weak shot of the bunch. Underexposed, a bit crooked and you've cut off the hand of the one girl.

shot 7: A bit out of focus. Also, this is why I like burst mode - I find this portion of the stride doesn't make for a strong photo - where the back leg is kicked up. It looks much better, IMO, when both legs are extended more. Now, that's extremely difficult to impossible to time, so that's where burst mode comes into play. You may have 3 shots that are in focus, but the stride looks better in 1 of the 3.

shot 8: strong photo. Nice and sharp on the lead runner, great framing - nice and tight with 2 runners highlighting the competition. Well done on this one!

shot 9: another good competition shot - this one isn't as strong because you're shooting DOWN on your subjects rather than UP at them. Shot 8 has a much more appealing angle. Look back and forth between them and see if what I'm saying makes sense.

Thanks for sharing these. Hope to see more from you in the future.

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I appreciate the constructive criticism and feedback. Most of these were uncropped with minimal post-processing. I'll post a few more when I have a chance. I actually traveled with the AF Academy team on this trip and took a lot of shots. This was my first time out really taking outdoor track shots with my new 7D and 70-200mm, so there was a lot of learning. Some events are easier to shoot than others because of focusing issues. The throws are the hardest--lots of spinning and arms flying. Pole vault is the most fun. Hurdles are difficult because of the multiple available focus points, and then as the meet moves on the light is always changing. I did shoot most of these in burst mode, but even a 8 fps, catching just the right moment in a javelin or hammer throw is just flat luck.

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Here are a couple more that, based upon your feedback, you might like...



#4 (different meet on same trip)


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