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oldtime Jun 11, 2006 5:59 AM

Getting ready for a Tournament

JohnG Jun 13, 2006 6:35 AM


Welcome to the sports shooter forum!

Of the two images below, #2 has the most potential. It's sharper and has a much better crop than the first photo. When possible, try not to crop off body parts - hands, feet, etc. The crop on #1 has too many missing body parts :-)

When you do need to crop, try to stay away from joints - i.e. ankles, knee area etc. Go for stomach or mid-thigh level crops if you must.

Also, people will naturally be drawn to faces in your photos. This is where #2 suffers it's biggest drawback. I'm not sure if you did shadow recovery or dodging but the noise level really picks up significantly around the front player's face and neck. A sport like lacrosse can be very difficult to get decent exposure on the face because of the mask. IMO, it's better to expose for the face rather than highlights in jerseys, etc (to a point - it's OK to blow some highlights in a jersey or elsewhere because it's the face that makes a shot interesting - but if half the image is blown then you've gone too far).

Also, watch your horizons - they're slightly off - it appears they may be playing on a sloping field which adds to the effect but the fence posts in the background are probably the best indicator.

I wish you luck with the Lax photos - I found it challenging to get interesting shots, but of the shots I've seen that I like - most were close-ups that really popped. To get some ideas - try going to Fred Miranda's forums - the sportscorner in particular - there are a number of excellent photographers that enjoy shooting lacrosse. Also take a look at pbase although that's more hit and miss.

Eventually, though, if you want to stick with sports shooting I would recommend a lens with a wider aperture (and possibly more reach depending on where you shoot from) to decrease the depth of field and isolate your subjects. That's what will give the images some pop.

Here's an example of the subject isolation (a careful observer will note my horizons were off :G- it's not a fabulous photo but it's the same sport which I think helps and it illustrates the isolation point):

oldtime Jun 13, 2006 10:17 AM

Thanks for the feed back
I am new to shooting lacrosse and have been trying a few different things
Should get a good chance this weekend as My son is playing lacrosse in the NC State Games

oldtime Jun 16, 2006 9:02 AM

Got ot work on tech again last night I think it is getting closer to wha I'm looking for

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