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TWO2956 Jul 21, 2006 4:20 AM

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Let me know any feedback and new ideas you members might have. The parents are loving this stuff and so am I.


TWO2956 Jul 21, 2006 4:21 AM

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JohnG Jul 21, 2006 7:02 AM


Nice finished product! My only comment is on the batter inset - watch your exposures - the face appears to still be in deep shadow and uniform highlights aren't near blown. Try to expose more for the face. Believe me - when you can see the eyes it makes a huge improvement.

But I like the design of these - and the biggest reason why is the player and the photography are still the focus. Too many people seem to get carried away with a lot of artwork - it isn't about our ability as graphic designers it's about the player and the design should reinforce that (albeit in a creative way). So, I think you've done an excellent job of that. Next time your shooting people at the plate though try pushing the exposure about +2/3 and see if you like the results.

Keep up the good work!!

Tamsfam Jul 21, 2006 1:37 PM

These are GREAT! Nice shots.

I love them.......They look like alot of work though.


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