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I realize that I'm asking more of the 85mm that it is really capable of in some of these shots, but it's what I have to work with, so here goes. The lighting in this gym is terrible - Anything I can do about the purple/blue cast on the walls in the background? Will custom WB help that? C&C Welcome.

I haven't been shooting in RAW, but I'm considering that for the next tournament. I've also been getting more into Photoshop (Elements). Assume I take a bunch of pictures at a venue, I use layer adjustments to get one just right, is there any way to to a mass update of the rest of the images with the layers from the first (Picasa has a 'Copy all Effects' option that makes this easy, but WAY less control than PS.








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Hi Jason,

WB in a gym is always a pain, especially if the lights cycle in temperature. Setting customer WB can help a lot. I'm sure there is a way to get the correction done in PS, but although I have CS3 Design Premium, I've yet to really play with it. I've been using Paintshop Pro for a long time so can do everything quickly in that and here is a fix using the Colour Balance feature.

In Photoshop full ed you can set actions to do what you want, but I'm not sure about Elements, I'm sure an Adobe expert will be able to enlighten you.

Hope that helps (a little).

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What Mark is advising is exactly what I do. In the gym where I most often shoot (lightting FAR worse than yours appears to be), I always custom WB, but even then, wind up having to make slight adjustments with the Color Balance control in PSP 11.

You can really see the tint problem in the shots in which the net appears. On them, I would be tempted to adjust based on trying to get the net white and see where that leaves you with the rest of the shot.

Nice job with the timing of the shots. These are looking very nice on a very difficult sport to shoot.

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Thanks for the feedback guys..
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