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Hi, what do you think of this pic?

I have bought a new Fujifilm S5600 camera and dont know what settings to use to photograph motorsports.

I need a fast turnaround of pics, that are crisp and clear, but no flash is needed so its out of the equation, but what settings would you use to get crisp and clear images, with approximately 1 photo taken in every 3 seconds.

Any help welcomed,
Thanks, GJ
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Two things will largely affect how crisp they are. The most important is shutter speed. Shoot the fastest you caninitially. Second is the focus - higher aperature numbers mean greater depth of field so more of the scene is in focus and more forgiving if the focus is bang on. The problem is, unless it's really bright, the aperature number will go down or the speed will slow.

This is where your ISO setting comes in. Although daylight shooting allows you to shoot at lower ISO numbers, you may wish to shoot at higher than typical numbers as this will allow you to shoot faster shutter speeds and also compensate if it is cloudy and not as bright. I don't know your camera so don't know how much digital noise is present at the higher ISO's.

As you take more shots and get used to panning, you willhave longershutter speeds, keeping the car crisp, but allowing the background to blur more, giving a greater sense of the speed.

While it is simpler to just use some of the default settings, such as the "sports mode" or whatever your camera has, I would suggest more manual settings and experimentation. Start with time priority, use a fairly fast speed, ie 1/640 or faster and see what you get. As you shoot more, you will get comfortable with different settings, depending on conditions and the effect you want to see.


Oh, and as far as the picture goes, you got a pretty good action shot for just starting out. I would boost the saturation a bit to as the colours all seem a bit muted but the shot is a great start. The horizon is tilted, but I don't think it hurts the picture - the crop is probably a bit to tight to straighten it without cutting part of the car. You may wish to take slightly wider shots to showa bit more track and flying dirt.
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